How to write an English article

I’m hopeless, I Don’t Know How to write an article in English

I’m really hopeless, I don’t know how to write an article in English? Oh God! when improving my English write an article. I’m Milon Shil I have a website but I can’t write an English article. I don’t know how to maintains my website. Our first language Bangla and English is 2nd language. So, I can’t good English.

What problem facing now

I have a website and I’m an online worker. Because of not enough knowledge of English, I can’t write English articles for my website. I can’t contact my International Byers. I can’t read English requirement information on other websites.

How I’m trying to write an article in English?

Yeah, I get a piece of information for develop writing English skills. First, need to practice writing English also can be wrong English. Everyday writing a new article for my website and try to easy the English that I know. Every day read the news website minimum of one English news article.

How to start practice write an article in English?

I have a computer and network cable connection. I open my computer and open one browser then login to my website and start writing on my site. But I understand that all of my articles are wrong, basically, mistake grammar. Then I again helpless how can learn English grammar newly. Then I add a browser extension Grammarly on my computer browser. and start again writing English articles. When I spelling mistake automatic underling that mistake word. And if I mistake any grammar automatic underling that the grammar mistake line.

What problem for writing wrong English?

I’m facing many problems for writing wrong English. I writing the wrong article on my website, the website no rank on google search. So, this is a very big problem for my online work. It’s not one problem. when I contact my international Bayer they engorge me. So, I can’t get work from Bayer. Also, I write wrong English all the knowledgeable people are Sneer me.

How many days I’m trying?

This is the 3rd day trying to write an English article. I understand if I try more in the 30 days I hope that I must improve my English writing skills.

Final Words

I understand that improve my English just 3 days trying. So, I’m very happy for reading my own writing article on my website. If any person wants to teach me please contact me. Also if any person want to write on the website please contact me on my Facebook

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