The verdict in this trial is not enough: Biden

US President Joe Biden has addressed the nation following the conviction of former white police officer Derek Chauvin in the murder of black youth George Floyd. In a televised speech on Tuesday, local time, Biden said Chauvin’s trial had proved that no one was to be considered above the law. However, he noted that the verdict was not enough.

The Minnesota Henapin County Court found Chauvin guilty of all three counts. These are ‘second degree’ involuntary manslaughter, ‘third degree’ murder and ‘second degree’ homicide. Announcing the verdict, the judge said Chauvin’s sentence would be announced within the next eight weeks.

Chauvin could face up to 40 years in prison. The law provides for a maximum of 40 years in prison for “second degree” involuntary manslaughter. The maximum sentence for “third degree” murder is 25 years. There is a provision of 10 years imprisonment or a fine of 20 thousand dollars for ‘second degree’ homicide.

Chauvin may have appealed, claiming that the jury was affected by the widespread publicity of civil society attitudes and lawsuits. Chauvin’s lawyer has to file an appeal within the next 60 days, Newsmax A reports.

Senior administration officials, including President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, sat in the White House and watched the verdict live on TV. Orange spoke from the White House before Biden after the verdict. “Even if the verdict in the Floyd murder case gives us some peace of mind, we will have to bear the pain,” he said.

“The verdict is not enough,” Biden said in a statement. We can’t stop here. We need to do more to ensure change and reform. Initiatives must be taken to reduce the number of such incidents. “

In his speech, Biden mentioned meeting Floyd’s daughter. She said Floyd’s infant daughter said her father had changed the world. Recalling that, President Biden said, “Let the memory of Floyd’s death be the inspiration for our peace. This incident may not be the motivation for any violence. Those who use their emotions to commit violence, looting, arson, cannot be allowed to succeed. ‘
Prominent American figures have reacted to the verdict in this widely discussed case. Former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have said the jury ruled in favor of Floyd’s murder.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Wallace said the ruling was a step in the right direction. In order to make progress in this field, a lot of work has to be started anew now.

Among the leaders of the civil movement, Al Sharpton, Jackie Jackson and others joined the press conference on Tuesday evening after the verdict was announced. They expressed satisfaction with the verdict and prayed.

Leaders of the civil movement say the joint protest has won. A new journey began with this verdict. The ruling is an important step in ending racism and discrimination in the American police system.
The video of Floyd’s murder was filmed by 18-year-old Darnella Fraser. After the verdict was announced, he expressed his satisfaction and broke down in tears. “We’ve been able to do something,” Fraser said emotionally.

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On May 25, 2020, Floyd was killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Chauvin grabbed Floyd by the neck with his knees as he tried to arrest Floyd. Floyd died. The video of the incident sparked a civil movement across the United States.

Massive violence and looting took place in major US cities during the movement. Floyd’s death sparked an outpouring of popular resentment against the American police system. Various state police measures were taken quickly, including cuts in funding. Lawmakers are under pressure to reform the American judiciary.

Tensions were running high across the United States over the verdict in the case. People have been seen gathering outside the courts and in big cities since the beginning of the day. Everyone was happy after the verdict was announced. Peace is still prevailing in various cities in the United States.

Civil rights activists say the verdict could play a key role in changing the policing system in US society. Of course, some people are talking about this. According to them, Chauvin’s sentence could lead to dissatisfaction and reluctance among the police.

The police system in the United States has been in question for the past year due to the civil movement. There is dissatisfaction among the police unions about this. American society has long been divided over racism and discrimination in the US police system. The deaths of black people at the hands of white police have created an acute crisis of confidence between the two sides. Because of this mistrust, big things often happen. Citizen leaders believe that inequality in society is responsible for the prevalence of crime among the backward sections of society.

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