2021 NFL Draft Questions: Is there any chance the Cowboys can draft Kyle Pitts?

You are the person we want to hear from when it comes to these pics, so I’m going to ask you right now about a team and you’re going to tell me who that team should take in the draft. You’re ready. Here we go. This is Charles and it begins with the Bengals at five. Who should they take? I think you protect your burrow and you take Penny. So when you think about Jamarcus Chase and Joe Burrow with that great catch and tough to pass up Chase, but you’ve got to protect the quarterback coming off a significant knee injury.

You can’t complete a pass when you’re getting pressured or sacked. So I think a soul tackle out of Oregon National Guard, but his first year, so be it. You improve your offensive line whistle. OK, so that’s number five. How about number six, the dolphins. Who should they take? I think you put three receivers upon a wheel, you spin the wheel, GRANEY and whatever, wherever it lands, you’re pretty happy, whether it’s the Vontae Smith, Jama’a Chase or Jalen Wadle, any one of that three-member, they move down, then back up the six to get a receiver.

Kyle Pitts probably won’t be there. If he is, he would override the three receivers, but I don’t think you’ll be there. Yeah, the pitch thing will probably hinge on what happens at number four, which will get to a little bit later. Meanwhile, how about ten the Cowboys? Who should they take? Well, I think J.C. Horne, the quarterback from South Carolina, arguably the best quarterback in this draft. I think you look at patcher shorthanded second, a lot of people think he’s the best corner.

He’s probably ready to go right away. And the Cowboys need a whole filler immediately. I think Jesse Horn is as well. And in your face corner with a complete corner with those great bloodlines with his father, Joe, I think it’s a corner, whether it’s a horn or certain they’re going to make that call. All right.

We will see one way or the other that they have that decision. Stephen Jones is one of the people who will make that decision instead of Kyle Pitts.

Being available at number ten are extraordinarily remote, OK, or zero? One man’s extraordinarily remote as another man zero. I’ll go there with you. So my question to you is, if the Cowboys want him, they’re going to have to go up and get him. If they do that, I’ll be sitting next to you Thursday night. What will you say? Bad move.

I don’t get Kyle Pitts is not a bad movie, but they give up all that it would take to get Kyle Pitts. When you have a sieve-like defense, it needs a lot of help. I would be better off from the Cowboys backing off a ten and picking up some extra choices. There is no position, I think, to just try to outscore people. I mean, you got to think about the offensive line. You’ve got to get better as well.

Kyle Pitts would be a great addition, a phenomenal addition. I think he’s the second-best player in the draft. He fell to the Cowboys. It would be an easy decision. You take him over the defensive players. My thing is I’m not giving up a lot of picks you up and get them. And I don’t think you’ll be there where they’re picking at ten. So unless they’re going to be aggressive and go get them, they’re not going to see cowpats.

I don’t care what everybody projections. And I had a mock dress out there. There’s no way the second-best player in this draft is getting the ten right.

To Patrick Charatan, Jesse Horn. Dominique, I’ll come to you, my cornerback friend. Should they take the corner or should they be aggressive and try and get the tight end?

Obviously, you take the corner. The corners are the most valuable position. Not named quarterbacks, but I do think that if they trade up, their idea is that they are going to outscore everybody on their way to the championship, which is not mind-blowing like that. Doesn’t that’s not a thing that can happen. I think it’s unlikely to happen.

Probably isn’t any one player who’s going to fix that Dallas defense. You’re going to need a lot of stuff you get you to want to get in Kyle’s pitch that offense might genuinely be unstoppable. That would be the one way I could look at this and figure that it makes some sense. What do you think? Well, what I’m thinking is that Stephen Jones is maybe finding some middle schoolers, mock drafts, or something like that, what I’m thinking like I don’t know what mock drafts he’s looking at.

You have no basically said there’s no chance that he’s available. I don’t think that anybody thinks that he’s still going to be available at ten. And if look, if we could kind of sit here and say that Dallas shouldn’t move up, if he for some reason, you know, falls outside of, say, the top six picks, then look, maybe somebody else has the ammo to go move up the draft carpet. So I just don’t see any shot that he’s available.

I would not fault them if for some reason he was there at ten. But if he’s there at ten, then maybe my seventh graders’ mock draft is on the money. Yes. If Cal Pitts falls to 10, they should take him. Just like if Trevor Lawrence falls to the Jets should take him. These are statements that one can make and they are true, but they are also meaningless.

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