first medium of entertainment

Not books! Online is now the first medium of entertainment.

At one time books were the only means of entertaining people. But now it is no more. Now there are many means of communication in the hands of the people. The first medium of entertainment is the internet, not a book.

Mobile phone: The first means of communication is a mobile phone. About 25 years ago, the people of Bangladesh did not know what a mobile phone was. But in the evolution of time, mobile is now in the hands of people. Today, teenage boys do not play much. Many people are seen sitting somewhere with mobile phones and playing games.

Computer: The present time is called the age of computers. You can do everything on the computer at home. And if there is a network connection, then there is no question. Everything in the world is within reach.

Now let’s see how people are spending their time using mobile phone or computer?

It is not possible for anyone to say exactly what can be done with a computer or a mobile phone.

Google: Google is the largest university in the world. I don’t know if there is anything you can’t know from here. So guys you can find out everything by Google search.

Youtube: Youtube is a video social site. Everything about Benedon is given here in video format. What do you want to see? SARS on Youtube. I hope you can see your desired thing in the video on Youtube.

Facebook: There are very few people in Bangladesh who do not know what Facebook is. Facebook is a social media here where you can get the location of all your friends in a moment. Many people are uploading pictures or videos on Facebook. Talking on video calls with everyone on Facebook Messenger, although it can be done on many sites. However, Facebook Messenger is very popular.

It is not possible to say briefly about all the means of online application. However, the people of Bangladesh have left books online as a means of communication

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