Carrie Ann Inaba

Carrie Ann Inaba Leaves “The Talk” Temporarily

Carrie Ann Inaba Leaves: I have decided to take a leave of absence from the talk two weeks after the talk resumed following Sharon Osborne’s controversy and subsequent exit, Kerri-Ann Inaba reveals she is bidding a temporary farewell to the talk The Dancing with the Stars judge who joined the daytime show in twenty nineteen and breaks the news to fans in videos tweeted on April twenty-sixth.

Hi, everyone. So I wanted to let you know personally that I have decided to take a leave of absence from the talk to focus on my well-being. I know you guys understand health is the most important thing. So I appreciate your support. I appreciate the love and support from the talk family. And I hope to be back soon. Take care and I’ll keep you updated. Thank you.

Co-host Sheryl Underwood echoes Korean’s social media message on the April twenty sixth episode of the show.

Before we get started today, we’d like to let you all know at home Kerri-Ann is taking a leave of absence from the show to focus on her well-being. She appreciates the support from all of her fans and her family right here at the top, like Carey. And we miss you and we look forward to having you back with us soon enough.

As unexpected announcement comes just two weeks after the panel resumed on April 12th following Sharon Osborne’s permanent exit and the show’s subsequent hiatus. While Inaba did not disclose any more details behind her decision to take a leave of absence. She has previously opened up about her various health struggles, including being diagnosed with Shogan Syndrome and lupus in December twenty twenty, she shared that she had also tested positive for covid-19 telling fans at the time and following all the protocols and we have so many strict protocols in place.

Even then I caught it so friendly reminder to stay vigilant, take care of yourself, wear your mask, wash your hands a lot and just be extra, extra careful.

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