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Guy Benson: Politicians are ‘doubling, tripling down’ on failure

Me to your guy, Benson, Fox News contributor on all of this and how the impact of the twenty twenty two midterm races guy for the first time in history, California might lose a congressional seat. You got the sunshine. You why? What’s going on there? Well, and there’s a lot of reasons, one is taxation, one is regulation. I know personally multiple people who have left the states of California and New York over the course of the pandemic because of restrictive lockdown’s people say, you know what?

That’s my breaking point. I’m out of here. I’m going elsewhere. And the beneficiaries in my friend’s case and this also lines up with the data, Arizona, Texas, Florida. And so I think one of the interesting things to watch politically is what exactly are the demographics of the people who are leaving? And when they go to other states, are they going to vote like those states have traditionally voted or are they going to vote like they used to in blue states?

That’s going to be something weighing on the minds of politicians in some of these places for sure, because they welcome the growth. But that growth is coming from somewhere and that somewhere in the case of California, New York, Illinois, very, very blue states.

So we could we could actually see some of those states in purple. You think, or is it too early to tell what say, Florida, Texas might do? Well, look, for example, at Colorado, look at Arizona, these are states that were pretty solidly red for a long period of time and there were folks leaving California they couldn’t handle any more. It’s a very high cost of living. It’s extremely expensive housing out there. And they said, you know, this is not doable for me and my family.

Arizona is closed. That’s nice. You know, Colorado is beautiful. Let’s move there. And those states have purple dramatically in Colorado, more or less as a blue state. It’s not all because of California influx. That’s part of the story. And if that’s going to replicate itself in Florida and in Texas, that’s certainly something that Republican politicians need to weigh and think about carefully as they message to the new arrivals, sort of reminding them, hey, welcome, we’re delighted you’re here.

Why are you here? Let’s think that through and sort of lead them by the hand from point A to point B in the last 30 seconds here.

So New York state lawmakers, for example, are now looking at a big tax hike. You know, our politicians ignoring this problem or learning at all from the loss of population. Now, in some places, absolutely not just double and triple down on failure, let’s keep taxing rich people, let’s keep demonizing them. And when you see that happen in New York and Connecticut, it’s like they don’t know what else to do. They’re so used to it.

And the assumption has been they’re going to stay, will beat them up, but they want to be here. But more and more, especially over this last year, they’re learning that’s not necessarily the case. And a lot of people who have fled might not be coming back. It becomes sort of this spiral effect if they’re not careful, which they haven’t been. And I really appreciate your time on this. This is an issue that we will be following into the future.

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