Lifelike robots proliferate thanks to coronavirus pandemic

I’m Sophia Hanson Robotics, one of the first androids in the world. Sophia may be one of the first, but we’ll soon have company hands in robotics, created the Android in 2016 and have been improving the technology.

I’ve been very worried about Google 19 lately. Sophia can now carry on a conversation. You get sad, don’t you? Has a range of facial expressions and can offer a high five. The robot even made use recently for creating artwork that sold for nearly 700000 dollars.

Now we have begun scaling the manufacturing of Sofia so we can make hundreds and into thousands of units.

But the founder of Hands On Robotics is not creating more artists.

I will take your temperature reading and pulse with this little thermal camera on my chest.

The machines are being designed to workers, health care aides, robots like me.

You can help take care of the sick or elderly.

Robots are being utilized in new ways during the pandemic, from disinfecting public areas to delivering food in a restaurant. But there’s a new focus on life-like features of the Russian company promo bodies creating machines that can work in customer service alongside human counterparts. This one responds to voice commands and helps process applications. There are about 10 in use at various locations of which this customer says she blinks. So that’s a bit scary. But it’s generally cool. The robots cost upwards of forty-two thousand dollars, while the makers point out they never need a lunch break or vacation.

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