Why Andy Cohen Is “Intimidated” By Kardashian-Jenners

Bravo icon Andy Cohen has a Ph.D. in the art of reality TV. Yet even he wasn’t prepared for the drama packed Keeping Up with the Kardashians reunion episode. The host of his new show, For Real The Story of Reality TV spills the tie on working with the Kardashians for the unprecedented Keeping Up Season 20 telo following the series finale. After 14 years of E, the Kardashian Jenners are no strangers to the spotlight. And even Cohen felt a bit intimidated by the A-list crew.

I mean, Kim and Khloe specifically were like, we want to do this. We want to do this right. We want to go out with a bang. But it was a bit kind of intimidating when I sat down with them because they were so not used to this.

And I think that Kris very consciously didn’t want it to have the rancor that some Housewives reunions have or the, you know, level of acrimony.

The Watch What Happens Live host then reveals all the juicy topics the reunion will cover by the end of the day.

I do not think that there was a topic that we did not cover.

Kris Humphries. Yes. Lips, yes, these lips, yes, fake butts, yes, what else? Yes, the X or the but x-ray you mentioned Caitlyn.

Yes, OK.

Yes, yes. Oh, Lamar, yes.

Hogtied in Paris. Yes. OK, I mean, that sounds pretty beefy to me. I mean, plastic surgery, dating rumors.

Oh, here’s one. Did Yes. Video. Did Chris set up the porn tape? We talked about that. Wow.

Good. We talked about everything. One thing is for certain, Cohen is now a huge keeping up fan and even got a little starstruck himself.

I fell in love with the whole family. I think they’re really impressive. They’re all really smart. They know what they’re doing.

Andy Deps. Kendall, the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen after meeting her for the first time. He also claims the runway model was thankful for having the platform to address things the family had never fully put to bed before. Be sure to watch the 20th season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians before the series finale.

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