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Zach Wilson — NFL draft Injury Review: Dr. Provencher on star QB’s past shoulder injury

Should a team be concerned with BYU quarterback Zach Wilson’s pass shoulder injury, it’s been reported that the Jets could take him with the second overall pick in the draft. According to Ian Rapoport, the Jets have zero issues about Wilson’s shoulder. How important is a player’s medical past? Well, it’s a very good predictor for a player’s medical future. Zach had two surgeries before his 20 19 sophomore season, one to repair. Lieberman is throwing shoulder and another due to a right wrist and thumb injury in Zach’s shoulder.

He had a label repair, which is the soft tissue structure on the socket, which holds the shoulder in position and keeps it stable.

We use suture anchors that we tack into the socket and the bone of the shoulder to repair the labrum, and it can take anywhere from five to seven months to get this fully healed. Well, Zach finished his sophomore season with 11 touchdowns, but nine interceptions.

However, in his junior year in twenty twenty, Williams threw for three touchdowns and completed seventy four percent of his passes and had only three interceptions.

If I was advising an NFL team and based off of the data that we’ve analyzed, Zach’s productivity should be quite solid as a strong and well-heeled shoulder labrum repair can hold up very well, but it does take a lot of stress with throwing.

In the past, we’ve seen some guys excel in the field like Drew Brees, but some not get back to their previous selves. Like Andrew Luck, Zach has showed that he was able to come back and perform at a high level in college, and that’s a transfer over very well to the NFL. And his shoulder shouldn’t be a big factor barring another hit to it. Also, from what we’ve seen from Zach in twenty twenty and that time he’s had to rest for the draft.

Zach Shoulders should be with that. Ninety five percent healthy.

Zach, we wish you the best of luck in your rookie season.

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