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QB Trey Lance’s college coach, Matt Entz, provides insight on San Francisco’ No. 3 overall pick

We talk about Trillanes being drafted by San Francisco, and for more on Troy Lynch, we’re delighted to be joined by his coach at North Dakota State Coach. Coach thanks for being with us. So I guess how happy are you that you’re seeing today off the board this quickly?

We’re static, what a great honor for our program, for this family, I always put a lot of time and effort into this process and to see it all come together like this tonight is just an exciting moment.

Well, listen, obviously, we’ve seen Carson Wentz come out and have success in the NFL out of North Dakota State. Give us the things that we need to know about Trey Lance that you know about him from seeing him play that most people don’t know because we haven’t seen as many games.

Well, I think the first thing that I would comment about is just his ability to lead, his ability to learn and grasp offense or and to see pictures on the defensive side of the football. This young man has a ton of ceiling space from the shoulders, shoulders up. He’s going to continue to grow. He’s with the right organization, in my mind, having a conversation with Coach Shanahan last week. I know that this is going to be a great relationship between the Forty Niners and Trey, and I think he can make every throw.

Now, it just comes down to him putting in the time in the work and being prepared.

The one the one thing I will ask you, though, I think he has three hundred eighteen career passes in his entire collegiate career. I think there were twenty nine quarterbacks last year in the NFL that drew more than three hundred eighteen passes. How quickly do you think he can assimilate if he’s going to play this year? That’s up for debate.


Behind Jimmy how quickly you think he can similar to that passing load.

I don’t think it’d take much at all. We’re a little bit unique here at DSU, we’re under center. We’re going to run the football. We’ll throw it when we need to play action, make it very efficient passing game. But I don’t see there being any issue for Trey to move into the NFL and take the throws that are necessary.

Well, obviously, a big night for the guys and family and a big night for Trey Lance’s family and a big night for you, coach. So once again, we see another North Dakota state quarterback going early in the draft. Thanks for being with us and best of luck and go win another eight championship. OK, I appreciate it. Thank you, guys. Thanks.

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