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Tim Scott joins ‘Hannity’ to respond to racist attacks on social media

Joining us to respond, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott. Senator, I thought the speech was amazing. I’m sorry, it saddens me. I have many conservative African-American friends and they go through the same thing. Reid Denine Burley’s book blacklegs to me are Google My Name. That’s what she starts. Well, Sean, thank you for having me on your show, and thank you and Lindsay, last night vote Tim Scott Dotcom, your viewers heard your request or Lindsay’s request and you responded.

So thank you so much for that. The left has lost their mind today. It’s really saddening to see that what the left is doing is fighting bigotry with bigotry. And they’ve exposed the hypocrisy. And their true motivation has nothing to do with ending prejudice. It has everything to do with claiming they are getting more power. I’ve never seen such a power grab and using people in such a despicable way. It is really disheartening to see the left’s response.

And frankly, even Twitter’s response to racism and racial slurs. If it comes from the left, it must be OK, according to Twitter’s response 12 hours later. But thanks to your viewers for going to vote. Tim Scott Dotcom, thank you all so much. That really made a difference because Lindsay is right. The next several months, if not the next two years of my life will be standing in the gap for what we know as traditional American values.

We love people, not parties. We love the content, not the color. Our nation stands in greatness because we fought back against those darker angels and we believed, frankly, in the better angels. I wish the Democrats who always feign or virtue signal, but take a look in the mirror and ask themselves what they put up with that from anyone other than themselves. And if you won’t, police yourselves. Don’t look to the other side, you know, Meghan McCain actually said something I agree with, if you’re OK with this, don’t talk to me about the important issue involving race.

And I thought that was a pretty powerful statement on her on behalf of her. You know, I’m watching all of this unfold.

Sad because we’ve known each other now many years. And it’s just wrong. And the and in this woe-canceled culture, it seems like there are very few areas where this type of intolerance is accepted and it seems to be accepted by major news organizations. What do you have a message to them specifically tonight? Well, in my opinion, what they’re feeling is a backlash, maybe they don’t realize it or not, but at some point, people get sick and tired of being sick and tired and they start reacting as opposed to responding to the criticism and the negativity.

Fortunately for me, I’ve had and have had to endure for the last couple of years as I keep coming to the conclusion that we got it right, the most inclusive economy, frankly, in American history. The last administration, President Trump, created seven million jobs with two-thirds going to African-Americans and Hispanics, and women. We saw the lowest unemployment rate. We didn’t care whether you were black or white. We looked for ways to expand opportunities and give people options to make their own decisions.

That’s what America is about. And sure, we’ve had some challenges, but we keep rising to the occasion. We confront the person in the mirror which allows us to move over. But the left side, the left refuses to do that.

The left wants to find a fall guy. They want to find a scapegoat as opposed to helping build a better America. What they want to do is spend six trillion dollars. Where are we going to get it from? They don’t care. To do what? To make sure that they have permanent underclass people they think they can control. But what I’m seeing and I spoke with President Trump today, what we’re seeing happen is this response from good intentions, people who happen to be black, who happened to be Hispanic, who happen to be white, who happens to be Asian, rising up and saying, you won’t tell me what to think.

I’m going to decide that for myself. So there’s a coming backlash to this liberal oppression that is becoming front and center and they’re not even hiding their hands anymore. Sean, that’s why it’s so important that we stand in the gap for this nation because the greatest comeback in American history is the way.

You know, it’s amazing here. You didn’t give specific examples of racism. Nobody doubts it. There are ignorant, racist people. There are evil people in this world. And nobody that I know once said anything to do with those ignorant people, that that’s none of a subset group of people. I think the majority of Americans are good, honest, decent people. The beauty of our framers and founders, I would argue you can agree or disagree, is that they created a system where you can right wrongs, correct injustices, become a more perfect union.

We have a history of doing all of that and a lot of bloodshed in the process and a lot of heroism and courage along the way by people of all races. And then I’m like, but Joe Biden, how does he get away with praising the guy? They filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 60 for the Voting Rights Act, the sixty-five partner to stop the integration of public schools, saying he doesn’t want schools to be racial jungle’s and not one person on NBC News or in the media mob or in the Democratic Party seems to care about that history because maybe I’m wrong, Senator Scott.

But if a Republican, Donald Trump, or any other Republican had that background in history, I’m pretty sure they would criticize them daily.

What do I know? I’m just talking. My goodness, it would be unrelenting. There’s no doubt about that. And we would be we would have a cascading effect. We would never see the light of day because we would be the dummy would never stop. The truth of the matter is the hypocrisy needs to stop. I am a black man. I am proud to be black. I happen to be a conservative because I came to the conclusion a long time ago that conservative policies and principles are the way that we set people free, free to be whoever they want to be.

You actually are free to disagree with me. That’s the beauty of America. And what the Democrats are selling is that you are not free to be yourself. You cannot disagree with the Democrats. You can’t disagree with progressives and liberals. And still, you see me ask that mainstream of this country often too, to ask questions, why does Joe Biden get a pass on his background, his history, and what a Donald Trump say to you today? The one I’ll start with good news and good or bad news, good news is President Trump called me to just tell me that he thought I did a spectacular job.

You know, President Trump is effusive in his praise at times, and he said it was fantastic. It was spectacular. He really enjoyed listening to it. I’m glad that he listened to it, period. And he wants to make sure that we keep working to get more things done for the country. Believe it or not, one of the things that we talked about for a very short period of time was how do we make progress for the most vulnerable?

He is still focusing on getting things done from a policy standpoint by encouraging us to continue down the path that leads to American progress. On the other side, I’ve asked the same question. The nineteen ninety-four Biden prison bill was a prison, built it, incarcerated disproportionately African-Americans. Can you imagine any Republican talking about putting people back in chains or saying that if you don’t vote for me, you’re not black? I don’t know what it is about this paternalism that comes from the left, but it is front and center and it is shameful.

I’m actually saddened for them because they are going to continue unless we stand in that gap to teach people that this nation and who we are is antithetical to the actual reality that I have lived. My grandfather has lived, Daniel Camron, John James, Ben Carson, and the list just goes on once again. Thank you, Sean, for your work, and thank you and Lindsey for helping me raise resources that vote. Tim Scott Dotcom, your race is important.

You’re up in twenty, twenty-two. But you know, one thing I know and I talk to a lot of my friends in South Carolina, they were never more proud of you than last night. And thank you, sir, for being with us. And I am sorry you had had to go through that the last twenty-four hours. Thanks for being with us. Thank you, Sean. Have a great show. Thank you. Hey, Sean Hannity here.

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