Popular Stars Who Died in April

16 Most Popular Stars Who Died in April 2021, Last Week

Anne Buydens

Anne Buydens, was a German-born American philanthropist, producer and occasional actress. She was a member of the international best-dressed list from 1970 to training anyone there on the 29th of April 2021 to because it was announced she was wanted to do.

Johnny Crawford

Johnny Crawford, was an American actor, singer and musician. He was nominated for an Emmy Award for a best-supporting actor at the age of 13 for his work on the show. The man died on the 29 of April 2021 and one died of Alzheimer’s disease. He was 75.

Will Mecum

Will Mecum, was an American original lead guitarist for the rock band Kamata Band during Katabira’s seven-year absence. He also played guitar for an instrumental band. Razaq had died on the 29th of April and the cause was unknown.

Mara Abrantes

Mara Abrantes, was a Brazilian Portuguese singer, enactors. They’re done on the 28th of April, anyone, because it was announced she was 86 years old.

Anita Lane

Anita Lane, was an Australian singer-songwriter who was briefly a member of the best theater in that camp and make her way and collaborated with both bedmates there on the 28 of April 2021 because it was known she was 61.

Jason Matthews

Jason Matthews, was the author of the Red Sparrow spy novel trilogy prior to becoming a novelist. Matthew spent 33 years working for the CIA Dareton on the 28 of April 2010, when the cause was unknown. He was 70 years.

El Risitas

El Risitas, was a Spanish comedian and actor, not by the stage name address that he gained widespread popularity in 2015 thanks to a series of memes based on television. On the 28 of April 2021, the cause was announced. He was asked by.

David Beriain

David Beriain, he was a Spanish journalist, producer and documentary anchor who specialized in armed conflict, violence and immersion journalism, died on 27 April 2021. He was 44 years old.

Miroslav Frycer

Miroslav Frycer, he was a Czech ice hockey forward, happened at eight seasons in the National Hockey League. He played for the Quebec, Nordics, Toronto Maple Leafs and others on the 27 of April. I wondered, after a brief illness, he was 61 years.

Kakhi Kavsadze

Kakhi Kavsadze, was a Georgian, and so we had from television on a stage actor. He made his debut in cinema in the 1950s. He was awarded the title of People’s Artist 1981 Dad in early 27 of April 2021, one that due to code 19. He was 85.

Marie-Francoise leclere

Marie-Francoise leclere, was a French journalist and Le Print, she was a jury at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival. She was the wife of Lucien Bédard, died on the 27 of April 2010. Duhan dead of cancer. She was 79.

Charles Beeson

Charles Beeson, was a British television director. Some of his credits include the firm’s second site four minutes. The Standard started with Rosie and others there in the early 26 of April 2021, died of a heart attack.

Geno Hayes

Geno Hayes, was an American professional football player who was a linebacker in the National Football League. He also played for the Chicago Bears and Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL. On the 26 of April 2021, only one died of liver disease. He was 35.

Dick Mann

Dick Mann, was an American professional motorcycle racer. He was a two-time winner of the immigrant national championship. He was inducted in the Motor Sports Hall of Fame of America in 1993, Died on 26 of April, to what the cause was known. He was 36.

Al Schmitt

Al Schmitt, was an American recording engineer and record producer. He won 21 Grammy Awards for his work with Henry Mancini and Steely. Died on the 26 of April 2021 to anyone because it was announced he was 91 years.

Danny Freeman

Danny Freeman, was an American Texas-San Electric blues guitarist, although he is primarily known as a guitar player. Freeman also played piano and electronic organ there on the 25th of April 2021, turned into a wonder of abdominal cancer. He was 76.

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