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Stephen Miller warns Americans the left is ‘taking over the legal profession

Joining me now with reaction, Stephen Miller, former senior adviser and director of speech writing for President Trump. He recently formed a legal group to take action against the Biden administration’s shocking agenda. Stephen, thank you so much for being on with me tonight.

My honor. Thank you.

Well, look, this is one thing. When I was on the left and making plans, we always knew and it was true at the time, the Republicans would do nothing. They would shrink back. They would be afraid of being called names. We had a clear field. What you’re doing now sounds to me like exactly what the Republicans need to be doing. Can you describe for our audience what you’re up to?

Yes. Well, first of all, your monologue tonight was brilliant. And it really gets to the heart of what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. There are two kinds of power in this country, formal power and informal power. Formal power is obvious. Those are your senators, your congressman, your Supreme Court, your city council, your governor. Informal power is held in institutions. It’s the media, it’s education. It’s big tech, it’s finance.

It’s Wall Street, it’s entertainment. Over the years, the left has taken over in a very deliberate planned fashion. All of the informal power centers are enduring areas that control American life. One of the biggest areas they’ve taken over is the legal profession. Our law schools are law firms or legal non-profits. And you saw the effects of that during the Trump administration when every single thing he did was met with a legal onslaught from the left. The ACLU alone, which is just the brightest star in the left’s constellation of legal groups, raised two hundred, almost two hundred million dollars last year.

That’s just one organization. My group is beginning to fight back on behalf of traditional values, American values, America’s first principles, and take the Bush administration or anyone else to court who violates fundamental American principles. That’s why we’re suing Joe Biden along with Texas for catch your release on the border. That’s why we just filed suit this week over the Bush administration’s new farm program that explicitly excludes some farmers from debt relief solely based on skin color. And we’re also looking for plaintiffs if we can find them, who are willing to stand up and file suit on critical race theory, which I know is an issue that you’ll be talking about tonight.

Excellent. And what is your group called, by the way, is everyone is now because they need to turn to you and find out what you’re doing. What is the group called and where can they find it?

 It’s America First legal. The website is a UFF Legal Dog. And by the way, if you’re a victim, especially if you’re a federal worker who’s a victim of critical race theory training, then go to our website, AHF Legal Dog and tell us what happened to you.

You know this is imperative because we hear all the time we know what’s wrong, right? We hear the complaints, we hear it. We see the press releases from senators or from, you know, somebody who’s got a committee and you go into committee meetings and then there’s ramblings and pounding on the table and people are called names, you hypocrites and double standards. Nothing changes and there has to be action. And that’s what the left has always done.

It’s about action. It’s about suing. It’s about stopping. You know, it’s fascinating to me. And thank God you’re doing it right. This is what now Americans are expecting and what Trump supporters in America first people expect. Why is it that Republicans don’t act and why haven’t they been acting now? They are through you. But how can you explain that?

 It’s such a great question. It’s because traditional-minded Americans are focused on raising their families, living their lives, pursuing their dreams. Hardcore leftists are focused on fundamentally transforming America. That’s why they put their energy into taking over institutions like the legal profession. But now we have to save our country and fight back just like they do. Except instead of fighting to destroy, you will fight to rescue.

Excellent. Well, Stephen Miller, congratulations and thank you on behalf of everyone who wants to. Thank you so much

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