Breaking down the best possible

Breaking down the best possible trade destinations for Aaron Rodgers

All right, let’s hit the music, it’s time to open up the Fowler files, senior NFL writer Jeremy Fowler with us on Sports Center AM. And just because you don’t want to face that inevitability doesn’t mean perhaps you prepare for it. Aaron Rodgers has told some people now within the organization that he wants out. Jeremy, you can think of maybe 30 teams who would be interested, but take us through some possible destinations where Rodgers could end up.

Well, Randi, indications are that Aaron Rodgers wants to be out west, so we have to start with the Denver Broncos.

They have left all their options open by not drafting a quarterback. Over the weekend, GM George Payton says he likes Drew like he likes Teddy Bridgewater. He’s comfortable moving forward with those two. But if Aaron Rodgers is on the table, I think they’ll at least look into it. Denver is a team that other people around the league are watching very closely. And Peyton was long in Minnesota and watched Aaron Rodgers torch them twice a year in the NFC North.

So here at the very least, being treated. This is a team with a lot of weapons, three good receivers, running backs. Rogers would be intrigued by that.

Now let’s go to the Raiders. Rodgers is reportedly intrigued by the Raiders as well. So they have to be on this list. They’re happy with Derek Carr. Nothing’s going on right now. And they very well even could extend their car sometime soon. But the Raiders look into every single quarterback situation. I was asking around about this great land before the draft and I was told the Raiders are one of the teams that looked most closely at Lance, did a ton of research on all the quarterbacks. They’d looked at past free agent or trade options.

So Jon Gruden sort of always lurking, can’t discount them. Now, here’s a complete wild card in Seattle. Now, we know he’s not going to the 49. Let’s stay in the NFC West. One exec I talked to in Seattle just because John Schneider, the GM has longstanding ties in Green Bay. And it’s clear he has been unafraid to talk about Russell Wilson’s future with other teams as a potential trade. Talk to Cleveland a few years ago has flirted with draft picks.

Things are tenuous. A few months ago, he talked to the bears himself in a really everything can be on the table with this sort of team.

That’s a wild card. Now, Russell Wilson in the Seahawks is in a much better place. They’ve smoothed some things out. Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson has talked. They’ve got some good free agency pickups and draft capital. So Wilson’s happy right now.

Breaking down the best possible trade destinations for Aaron Rodgers

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