Portland police crackdown

Portland police crackdown on rioters, issue new rules for arrests

Alek Skarlatos joins me now. Alex, thanks so much for being here, we appreciate it. So when you finally see a sheriff saying we’re not going to lower the standards for what is required to book you in jail, meaning we’re going to get tougher, we’re going to crack down on actual arson and rioting and looting. What do you make of it?

Well, I’m incredibly happy to see it. It’s only about a year too late, but, I mean, it’s yeah, it’s great that they’re actually finally holding people in jail because over the last year, you’ve seen people riot and burn, burn down Portland for a year straight and get released back on to the street the very next day to continue to riot.

And I just it’s been an incredible double standard when you think about the FBI still tracking down people for trespassing from January 6th. I mean, I just wish that we had the same resources a year ago when all of these riots were at their peak.

 My goodness, what a great point I hear from folks I’ve heard from multiple folks recently who are being tracked down for being on the Capitol grounds on January 6th, not even entering. And we’re talking about people burning buildings down every night.

And it’s been a catch-and-release program until now and effectively chasing the same ghost around town. Hopefully, this has the kind of result that it would have consequences that may actually force people to think twice before they light things on fire, which is what you would hope they want. But you’ve got a big announcement. I want to get to that this morning on our program. What do you have to announce for us, Alex?

Well, on that note, I would formally like to say that I am running for Congress in 2022 against Congressman Peter DeFazio.

I mean, we’re incredibly excited. Oregon is one of the six states that’s gaining a congressional district. And even though Oregon is a deep blue state, that’s going to make it almost impossible for them to keep Peter DeFazio in the office once the lines move. So so the lines are moving, which makes you ran last year as well, ran a great race. So you think because of how things have shifted, you’ve got an even better shot?


We don’t know the map quite yet, but pretty much any direction my district will move will go more Republican and we’re just going to be we’re going to be excited to take back the House in 2022

And if anyone would like to help us out, they can go to Alec Forgan Dotcom. Alex for Oregon Dotcom

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