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Update: Biden, Harris should see border crisis ‘for themselves’: Rep. Young Kim

Congresswoman Young Kim sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. She joins us now to react. Thank you so much for being here, Congresswoman. So far, at least, Joe Biden has said Israel should be allowed to defend itself as necessary. Yet there are mixed signals among Democrats. How would you gauge the American response so far to what Israel needs to do?

Well, Israel has been a long ally of the United States, and we have made commitments to defend Israel and Israel has the right to defend itself against the rockets fired by Hamas targeting civilians. We have to stand strong and stand with Israel and they are doing the right thing, defending themselves and protecting their civilians.

Yet, Congresswoman, we’re seeing we’re on the 17th year of a four-year term for Abbas and the Palestinian Authority. It’s become part of the reason the elections didn’t happen is the fear was that Hamas would take over. Yet this administration is sending more money to the Palestinian Authority when the previous administration cut it off. So aren’t we making Israel’s job more difficult?

Well, the Biden administration’s policy is definitely emboldening the attackers to Hamas, we need to send a strong message, definitely a stand. I mean, send a very, very strong message. The United States will stand with Israel and support Israel’s actions.

Absolutely. That message should be loud and clear, as it was under the Trump administration. Congresswoman, you recently took a trip to the border as well. This administration not willing to call it a crisis, but of course, the human cost is evident, as is the physical cost of drugs and trafficking. We actually had Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, on our show earlier later this week, or excuse me, earlier in the week. This is what he had to say.

There are dangerous drugs coming across the border. We have obtained enough final coming across the border to kill every single person in the state of New York. And so this is a very deadly situation happening on the border. The Bush administration better wake up a human trafficking problem, a drug crisis. And you’ve seen it as well.

Yes, I have gone down to the border of Texas southern border. I also went down to the California-Mexico border. What I’ve seen is definitely the security crisis, humanitarian crisis. We have a crisis at the border. Yet this Biden administration refuses to see it for what it is. I urge the Biden administration and also Vice President Kamala Harris to get down to the border to see for themselves and maybe they will change their mind. So drug cartels are the only ones that are benefiting from this border crisis.

It is hurting Americans. It is undermining legal immigration, and it is draining the resources from the Border Patrol agents, CBP agents when they should be patrolling the borders. But right now, all of the illegal activities are slipping through because our Border Patrol agents are now serving the role of coyote takers. And that is something that the Biden administration refuses to see. I really encourage them to get down there, get their butts out there and see for themselves what I’m seeing.

It’s breaking my heart. And I see so many mothers with young children because they are getting the mixed signal that when you come across the border illegally, one way or another, you will be taken care of. Wrong, wrong. We need to reinstate the policies that have worked during the previous administration. And really, I really encourage them to get down there. I wish they’d fix the problem.

I wish they wanted to see it. It feels like willful blindness at this point. And I love what you said. It undermines legal immigration, which is what we want. But when you disincentivize it, you get a whole different type of illegal immigration. Congresswoman, thank you so much for your time.

Thank you very much for having me. You got it.

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