It's blood money, Cuomo profited off of suffering

It’s blood money, Cuomo profited off of suffering: Rep. Lee Zeldin

We played for you in the angle President Biden claimed it was Neanderthal thinking for Texas to end the mass mandate’s two months ago. So let’s see how they measure up versus a state that kept those strict mandates in place. Now, Texas has twenty nine million people or so reported, just three hundred and eighty eight new covid infections and zero deaths yesterday. Meanwhile, New York has about two, 20 million people, had one thousand eighty five new covid cases and thirty nine deaths.

Of course, Governor Cuomo of New York has been handsomely rewarded, though, for his gross mismanagement. According to these new disclosures, the love gov raked in five million bucks for his book on leadership. I love that. Not bad for a total fraud. Here with me now is Lee Zeldin, New York congressman and candidate for governor. Wow.

Congressman, how big of an issue is this going to be Covid decisions in your race?

Big time, over five million dollars, are you kidding me? Last time I got an update about a month ago, he had sold about forty-five thousand copies of this book. So that rough math seems like it’s over one hundred dollars a copy. You could go buy it for fifteen dollars a copy right now on Amazon. I don’t think that you’ll be doing that at the end of the show and neither will I. But the nursing home order and cover up, you’re talking about the loss of life you’re profiting off of.

Really. I mean, this is blood money profiting off of the suffering physically, emotionally, financially, of your constituents, of New Yorkers. What he should have done this time last year was show remorse, publicly, apologize for the mistake of his order, be transparent with the public. He said he was too busy to provide that transparency, but he wasn’t too busy to go after this multimillion-dollar self-congratulatory book deal. So it has New Yorkers outraged.

It’s the ultimate hypocrisy. And Governor Cuomo made an announcement today on masks watch.

Effective this Wednesday, we’re going to adopt the CDC new guidance and regulations on masks and social distancing for vaccinated people, you will still need to wear a mask on public transportation, the subways, the busses, nursing homes, homeless shelters, correctional facilities, schools.

Congressmen, are New Yorkers ready to ditch the masks?

Yeah, here from the workers all across the state, especially all these New Yorkers who have been vaccinated, and then they see the CDC guidance come out several days ago and Andrew Cuomo is still saying that he wasn’t going to loosen up the mask restrictions here in New York. So you have a whole lot of people scratching their head. And what it comes down to is the governor’s ego. He wants to be the one to give you your freedoms back. You have New Yorkers looking at places like Florida and Governor Rhonda Santurce, where your money goes further, people feel safer, they’re living life freer and they’re leaving.

And those who are staying saying, why can’t we have it here? This governor’s ego is getting in the way of a whole lot of different decisions restricting individual liberty, impacting the operations of businesses where they haven’t survived and freedoms and privacy in so many respects. This governor has been infringing upon it. And that’s why you’re hearing from not just Republicans, but Democrats, too. They want to save their state. They’ve had enough. They say Cuomo has got to go.

Yeah, you’ve got to pull over. Those disaffected Democrats are saying they state hollow out to places like, of course, Florida and other places. Congressman, and we’ll be following it.

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