What to do in makeup

What to do in makeup now 2021?

Adequate lighting should be provided before starting makeup. So it is better not to use bright lights for make-up. Make sure that the light is spread evenly on the face from all sides.

Skin exercises

First, clean the face very well with cleansing milk. Then massage with barge cubes. This will shrink the open pores. Then apply a foundation that is a little brighter than your skin.


Concealer should be used before applying foundation. That should be done. That should be done. That should be done. That should be done. Concealer is used to cover dark circles around the eyes, double chin, wrinkled skin, black spots, blemishes, etc. It can cover some of the facial defects. Water-based concealer is the best. Because it is denser. You can also apply cream foundation as an alternative to ordinary concealer. However, make sure that the color is very light and matches the skin.


The first step in starting this makeup is to apply the foundation evenly all over the face with a sponge. If you apply too much dark foundation, you will get spots on your face. It looks bad. After oozing the foundation of oily skin, it freezes in one place after another. So you can apply liquid or cake foundation according to your skin type.

Face powder

Face powder needs to be applied to set the foundation. For this, dry face powder is more popular. This powder enhances skin gel. This powder should be applied around the eyes with puffs.


Use blush to shape the face. Blushing is also helpful for eye make-up. The purpose of applying blush is to burn the relatively high part of the nail. To apply powder blush. If you use cream blush, apply it before applying face powder. First, apply with a blush from a relatively high place on the cheek to the bottom of the face. Apply a little blush lightly on the forehead. Then a natural red tinge can be found on the face. Blush should never be applied to the whole face.


The shape of the eyebrows is enhanced. Enhances facial beauty. Makeup eyebrows before applying eyeshadow. Draw a line with a pencil to keep the normal shape of the eyebrows.


Check the correct size of the eyes in the first phase of applying eyeshadow. You can use any of the four matching colors as you like, especially the powder base. First, apply a light cone to make the eyes look a little brighter. Then apply any color that matches your outfit. Then apply eyeliner and mascara to decorate the eyelids.

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