NASA’s Voyager 1 detects hum in empty space

And NASA spacecraft has detected a humming sound in space. What does this mean? Does this mean that there could be a sign of life out there?

Look, this was an interesting one with Voyager Voyager one and two where this craft built and launched in the 70s, that is now kind of gone past what we call the heliopause, the heat bubble of our sun. They’re kind of going into interstellar space and what they detected a few times, if they detected these bulks or waves of plasma, as we just kind of heard that blip on our screens. And what this is, is the background noise of space.

So empty space actually has stuff in it. And that’s kind of you travel through it just because you can kind of hear the if you move your hand in the water, you can kind of hear the water move or your hand move in it, but you don’t necessarily hear the water unless it’s not moving. And that’s maybe what this empty space is. It’s kind of a remarkable idea that the fact that empty space has stuff and that is now 40, almost 50 year old instrument is actually hearing these vibrations or energy from seemingly empty space.

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