Harris to visit border

White House: No plans for Harris to visit border despite disturbing illegal immigrant video

You’re not hearing anything about it most of the time, but our border is still completely out of control. Thousands of migrants coming over unimpeded. Fox’s Bill Mugen has been covering this under-covered story. He joins us now with the very latest on Bill.

Hey, Tucker, good evening to you. So we are here in Texas is Rio Grande Valley. This is by far the busiest sector along the US-Mexico border. The border agents down here, we’ll talk to you themselves and tell you they’re frustrated, they’re overwhelmed, they’re stretched thin. They need a lot of help. And we got some brand new video to show you. It’s pretty remarkable. And it really highlights just what they have to deal with day in and day out down here.

Take a look at this drone video our Fox drone team shot yesterday morning right here in La Hoya. It shows dozens of migrants just making an open run on the U.S. border, crossing in illegally and trying to get away from border patrol. These are not people turning themselves in as we’ve seen often. These are people trying to get away, mostly adults, mostly men. You’ll see two of the men are actually already handcuffed together, suggesting they had already been in Border Patrol custody and got away.

You’ll see one lone border agent in a pickup truck desperately trying to chase this crowd down, but they’re running through open fields in all different directions. He is badly outnumbered. That crowd continues running away. Some of them run through what appears to be a stream or a culvert. They keep going. One border agent is continuing to try to chase after them. One migrant kind of gets stuck in the water or loses a shoe. The main group keeps running.

The Border Patrol keeps going after them. You see some of them end up trying to scale a fence, scale a wall to getaway. Ultimately, we did see Border Patrol caught up with about 15 of that group. But from what we saw, it appeared that at least half of that group did end up getting away and was able to escape in the brush. We mentioned this happens like clockwork almost every morning, every day down here. Take a look at this video we shot this morning.

Also here in La Hoya, we witnessed another group of migrants once again running away from Border Patrol, escaping into the brush where they disappeared. This time, they were spotted more quickly by Border Patrol. They were able to get a helicopter over the area pretty quickly, able to pin some of those migrants down. Eventually, they were able to arrest two of those migrants, brought them out to the trucks, took them away. Just the ongoing security concerns, Tucker, right here.

Last week, they arrested an active MS 13 gang member who had a warrant for his arrest in Houston for the sexual assault of a child. We’ll send it back to you.

Bill Manoogian, thanks for that report, I appreciate it.

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