Ari Fleischer blasts media for playing politics

Ari Fleischer blasts media for playing politics with Wuhan lab theory

The more I look into it, this was squashed out of the gate by eco-health, NIH, especially H0, and China itself. So the American public deserves it. The world deserves it with all the turmoil that’s been caused by it.

Senator Mike Braun earlier in the show discussing the Senate bill requiring the Biden administration to declassify U.S. intel on the origins of covid spring. And Ari Fleischer, former White House press secretary, and a Fox News contributor. All right. Let me set it up a little bit more with the Wall Street Journal headline today on the editorial board, the virus lab, there is new credibility. The evidence catches up to 4G and other human covid deniers going on to say Mr. Biden is trying to cover for his embarrassing closure of the investigation because the dam is finally broken on the evidence that the virus may have escaped from the U.S. Institute of Virology.

The shame is that it took so long because suspicious facts have been apparent from the start. It is 16 months later and we’re actually spending our entire week talking about something that a lot of people brought up about on January 20 20.

And my only quibble with that editorial is it said new evidence, it’s not necessarily just the new piece of this, which was the revelation that three scientists got hospitalized working at the Wukong lab in November of twenty nineteen. But the evidence has been there all along. And here’s what happened when people started to discuss the evidence about could this have come from the lab? Here’s a very simple whiteboard for you, who was right and who was wrong? Senator Tom Cotton in January of 2020 raised that possibility.

He was on it from the beginning. National Review Jim Geraghty, a writer there, has been on this and writing very thoughtful pieces from the beginning. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, he’s talked about it. He left the office talking about it. Here’s who is wrong, The Washington Post. They said the theory is it may have begun in a lab or debunked. The New York Times called those theories fringe. One science reporter there called them racist Facebook.

As you just pointed out, they opposed the debate of ideas, free-thinking. They suppressed them about could have begun in the lab? And finally, China itself, China did everything in its power to lie, to deceive. And it’s amazing how the mainstream media went along with China.

Ah, there’s more. You mentioned a few there. Here’s well, here’s a sample of what we heard throughout media outlets here all this time before.

Trump’s decision to focus American spy agencies on the government lab in Wuhan is nothing more than an effort to deflect blame.

Coming up, with a conspiracy theory to try and foment xenophobia with respect to the Chinese has just as much factual support as taking Clorox. This is just another example of the president trying to change the narrative from his own failings.

Donald Trump is still pushing the debunked bunkum despite his own intelligence community’s findings that that is simply not true.

So if Trump said it or did it do the opposite, Ari?

Yeah, this is just so terrible, it’s a. evidence, antiscience, anti intellect, all in the service of getting Trump politics, and we Americans have got to open up our eyes if there is truth, if there is evidence, it needs to be pursued. But what happens too often with the critics of Donald Trump in the mainstream media, they think of it derives from the right. It must be wrong. And we are doing this nation a terrible disservice by not having free and honest debates anymore.

The idea that it could have come from a lab always made sense. No one really credible was suggesting that it was done on purpose by China to get the world. But did it leak from the left? Three million dead. And we’re not willing to take a hard look at what China’s role was in this. We better now take a real hard open look, release the intelligence at what China’s role was this and the chips need to fall wherever they may because three million people have died and the world was in turmoil.

Why don’t we deserve to know?

Just quickly, Ari, President Biden has asked for a response from the intel community in another 90 days. At that point, do you think that they will be transparent?

Well, China will never be transparent, just like the Soviet Union covered up Chernobyl, China is going to cover up whatever happened in that lab, but I don’t know why it takes 90 days. This happened more than a year ago. The intelligence community already knows these answers. They have the info they’re going to get. I don’t think there’s much more they need to get released already.

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