Anthony Albanese criticises

Anthony Albanese criticises quarantine and vaccine rollout

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has criticized the federal government over its hotel quarantine and vaccine rollout failures. He says the prime minister should be held responsible for Victoria’s latest lockdown. That’s due to inaction on state and federally managed isolation. Scott Morrison had promised to increase intake numbers at the Howard Springs quarantine facility in Darwin by April May, but there’s been no rise in incoming travelers. Anthony Albanese claims it shows a sense of complacency within the government.

On this occasion, he has said this is a right. Well, it is a race against time for us to get the vaccine rollout right and for us to get quarantine right. The two jobs that Scott Morrison had this year, and he has failed dismally on both.

He’s also called for a four-part solution to pandemic management. Labor wants greater focus on vaccine rollout, improved quarantine facilities, information campaigns, and local vaccine manufacturing.

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