Hazardous surf warnings in place across

Hazardous surf warnings in place across NSW beaches

Heavy swells and abnormally high tides are set to continue today along the New South Wales coast, threatening many areas with coastal erosion and property damage. Now you can see it was a bit of a whitewash across some of Sydney’s eastern beaches this morning and very churned up in date over Bronte Beach as wave heights exceeded five meters, more than enough to cause damage along with most coastal areas. Overnight, the largest waves were recorded at Coffs Harbor, a massive nine-point-seven-meter wave.

Meanwhile, across to the Sydney region and waves of over eight point four meters were observed this morning in Byron Bay, they reached eight point two. Now the forecast wains shows the culprit. A deep, low-pressure system near New Zealand is generating a strong gale force. Southerlies in the Tasman Basin impacting the New South Wales coast and generating heavy swells between five to seven meters within the surf zone. In that brightest grain, they will ease gradually overnight tonight before starting to push off the coast during Sunday.

Until then, the place is prone to coastal erosion, including Lennox Head, Wooli Old Bar, the Central Coast, and the Sydney northern beaches are at particular threat as our beaches, which face south or southeast thanks to the wave direction. Now, as those conditions ease off and move away. We do expect to see those weather conditions improve. Until then, the advice is to stay away and stay updated. With us on Skynyrd’s weather for the latest warnings, Channel six, O1.

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