poorest suffer Covid with almost no health care

India’s poorest suffer Covid with almost no health care

At least 300000 people are now known to have died in India’s second wave of coronavirus, with may likely be the deadliest month so far, but the true death toll could be several times higher, especially in rural areas where the virus is now spreading. Access to health care there is almost non-existent, as our international correspondent Paula Gearan found when she traveled to Bihar, one of the poorest areas in India.

Funeral pyres are now a prism for the pain of a nation, he is lost in grief for his mother, one of the latest victims of covid-19 in the state of Bihar with so many dead across India. Cremation costs have soared. Some families here have been reduced to entrusting the bodies of their loved ones to the sacred waters of the Ganges. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose ratings are falling, has been remembering the dead man, Sobrino.

With a show of emotion, only member of the hundred thousand, but within hours crocodile tears was trending on social media. Here, the full scale of India’s tragedy may never be known. We crossed the Ganges to reach the vast hinterland in rural areas like the village of the beer poor. We found a landscape of neglect and untold stories.

So can you tell me, are many families affected here?


Yes, many families affected here. Many, many people did. Every every home. Many people get their favorite crop, but modest,

no social distancing either, and no masks insight. This is the other India not rising, but left behind. People here say the living are barely counted, much less the dead.

We’ve been told that 26 people have died here with symptoms of covid-19 in the past month, but none of them were actually tested. That means they’re not included in India’s official death toll from the virus.

Now, this is just one village, but you can multiply this across India.

Take a look at the village health center. Imagine having to rush here in an emergency. It’s an empty shell, carefully padlocked, this neglect is not unusual in rural India. It takes three hours to get to a hospital. Many can’t afford the journey. The village leader, Aroon Kumar REI, has lost neighbors and friends. He blames the prime minister.

When we returned to beer pour for a second day, health workers had been dispatched to the village, a local source told us the visit was a token gesture because we had been on the ground.

So she waited in vain. There is vaccine hesitancy in the village, but in much of the country, there’s no vaccine to be had covered. Has cut across India like a size, bringing anguish for the living and indignity, for the dying, and for the Prime Minister. The accusation of failing his people or the gear.

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