Time to take back our streets from criminals

Breaking News: Time to take back our streets from criminals: Ted Williams

So many large cities are experiencing a spike in crime amid calls to withdraw funds from the police that it really hasn’t worked that well in most of these places. Some of them are now asking the police to return. So you have random acts of violence that are a big problem in cities, including New York, where part of this video is unreal. Videos of people attacked on the streets or in the subway were posted almost every day. Just this weekend on the left, this poor woman hit in the face by a stranger.

She falls to the ground outside a Chinatown restaurant. We reached out to the NYPD to comment on that attack. I have received no response as a sixty-four-year-old man on the right side of his screen now in the middle of his screen in just a moment, was beaten and stabbed in a downtown subway station. The police are on the hunt for their attackers. Let’s bring in former homicide detective Ted Williams, also a Fox News contributor. Ted, it’s always good to see you.

Good morning to you. These are difficult videos to watch. And this is what we have now in New York City and elsewhere. And we go back to the days when you were nervous about walking down the street or definitely going on the subway.

Good morning, Martha Stewart is with you. I have to tell you that we have to take back our streets from criminals. Criminals are winning here, and it’s all due to this so-called deep funding to the police and the excessive force videos of all the officers. But the problem is that the citizens of these communities are suffering. Margaret, you and I were recently in Minneapolis. We saw what happened there at a police station where they actually abandoned that receipt that sent a message to the citizens of that community and maybe even the whole country that you can’t count on police officers because they are ready to go. in a hurry.

And it’s sad that we can’t tolerate that in our society.

Yeah, you know, I think everyone is looking to see where the cops are in these pictures. And fortunately, passersby came to the aid of that woman. And we understand that she is expected to recover. She obviously is a pretty tough woman. She is fifty-five years old. And she went through something horrible. And these seem like just crimes of anger, you know, people lashing out. These are not thefts. This is not auto theft. All those things that are happening to him, you know.

What is your assessment of that element of this?

Well, what we have here, unfortunately, is a lot of mental illness. And some of these crimes are the result of mentally ill people attacking and assaulting innocent people. So we have to be able to analyze that. But Martha, right there in New York, financed taking money from law enforcement and they hope law enforcement will come out and operate with less. They cannot do it. Laws that they can’t do it.

They need to hire more police. They need to train those police officers and they must be able to be trained to help even the mentally ill in New York.

It’s a great point. And one of the things they have to struggle with though, Ted, is that you have mayors all over the United States, including De Blasio here, and Jacob Ofri, for example, in Minneapolis, who have basically fed off the idea of that the police are bad, that they must be controlled. And we’ve all seen quite clearly the examples across the country where it led to prosecution. And we saw that in the Derek Chauvins case, he was found guilty on all charges and the process worked in that situation.

But when you give that message, how do they go the other way around? How do they say now, you know, respect police officers, please become a police officer in our city because we need you to be aware? And if he does join, we’ll make sure we have his backing. How do you do that? You need a different leader, I would say.

They would definitely be different leaders, whatever leader is here. Well, preaching funding, the police department, taking money from the police department, you need to get rid of those leaders. You need people with a vision where they can marry and mate with the police department so that police officer who can protect their communities, protect the community is the first thing a police department wants to do. And you can’t tie your hands. And when you look at De Blasio and you look at what happened in Minneapolis, your time in the hands of law enforcement and you’re making citizens less safe or more equal, we also have the squeegee people.

I don’t even know some people in the country, but I don’t even know what that is. I think we have a picture of

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