critical race theory almost got this dad barred

Objecting to critical race theory almost got this dad barred from his son’s graduation

A father in Maine is fighting back after his opposition to the school district teaching critical race theory nearly got him banned from attending his own twin daughters’ graduation. Sean McBratney is at the Falkiner Focus today. Sean, thanks for joining me. It’s been several weeks and I understand you can go to prom now, but it got pretty intense and no one spoke to you face to face. I got a phone call, nothing like that. Tell me how it started.

Yes, last year was really the last full year when one of frustration last June 2. So tomorrow will essentially be a one-year anniversary. We were sent to a white supremacist equity committee letter through Geoff Porter, the superintendent of M.S. 51, which is located in Cumberland, Maine. Serves Cumberland in North Yarmouth. And essentially that prompted me to really try to work with the school initially behind the scenes to correct.

What do you mean by a white supremacy card?

So they sent us an equity letter right after George Floyd’s death and it essentially said white supremacy there five times and basically called all of us white supremacists in Cumberland North. We didn’t know, of course, but that’s what they called us.

And then you defended yourself, how?

I sent a letter, an email to the superintendent in which it actually said, “Look, you missed an opportunity in the peaceful First Amendment protests.” This is in the middle of Minneapolis burning to the ground. Also, I said you could have mentioned our police department. We are the safest. I mean, it’s in the annual report and our guys are great. I mean, we’ve had a top-tier police department until recently, where the equity committee has effectively taken funds from our police department, not through dollars because we pay a lot of taxes here, but for staff.

Several people stopped giving their notice, resigned or already left or are leaving, and about half the force has already left, making us all less safe than a year ago.

And just to dig into that, that the way money comes into play is that they don’t fill those positions again. That is what I understand you are saying. I want to take this back to school because there are a lot of parents in Cumberland, the city where I live now in Maine, who you told me earlier, really fear cancer culture. They don’t speak, but they depend on you and support you to do so.


Yes, I mean, this sounds weird, but I feel like I’m the tip of the sword. There’s a lot of people behind me and I’ve had, you know, a number of business leaders and people in every city that really took me aside and said, hey, Sean, I believe in what you’re doing. I just can’t see anything because the cancer culture is so strong here. And really, the wog mob, the trolls, are after everyone.

And so they pushed me and I pushed back hard.

So you go to the school board, to the superintendent by email, you said because you couldn’t get anybody to meet with you. And you tell them, what about the current curriculum and the school district that you want to change?

Yes, I mean, the most important thing is that I cannot speak for Martin Luther King Jr., but I think he would be very ashamed of what this administration is doing there, teaching young children from kindergarten to essentially hate white skin. . And it is the oppressor’s argument against oppression. And frankly, I was raised because your character content is the most important piece. It doesn’t matter what your skin color is.

Your daughters are about to graduate. You will be their first. There were some pretty strict conditions. And now I understand that you can go see the band play and do all of that very quickly. What is your reaction? Your daughters.

Yeah, they just want to be normal old people and keep their heads down and frankly Harris, you know, had no plans to create a scene. He just wanted to be a dad. And that’s all I did at the beginning last year. I just wanted to be a dad and tell my school that, look, we need education, not indoctrination. And through the education group and not turning left, we are really trying to unite parents across the country to fight against this whole society that is happening.

You can understand everything you are doing as a parent and appreciate his time today. Congratulations on graduation and the upcoming adventures his daughters face. Sean McBride, thank you for joining the fall. I appreciate the.

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