illegal border crossings under Biden's administration

Tom Homan criticizes ‘unprecedented’ illegal border crossings under Biden’s administration

So, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is heading to Costa Rica today to meet with the foreign ministers of Central America to discuss, as you have heard, this is the goal of the Bush administration. They want to know how to stop the flow of migrants to the United States. Kamala Harris is supposed to be in charge of this, but Blinken has yet to visit the southern border to see what is happening there in person, nor has the vice president, despite being named the contact person while we count there.

Sixty-nine days ago, meanwhile, it was reported that the Bush administration was seeking to increase the number of immigrants in the United States. The New York Times, The New York Times, forgive me, saying, I quote: A forty-six page draft obtained by The New York Times outlines the administration’s plans to significantly expand the legal immigration system, including methodically reversing efforts to dismantle it. by former President Donald Trump. Fox News contributor Tom Homan is the former acting director of ICE.

Tom, it’s nice to see you today. Thank you very much for being with us. You know, this is so curious to me. So they want to increase legal immigration. And yet, at the same time, we are seeing huge leaps. We can increase the numbers for everyone at home on illegal immigration as we cross the border and we see those encounters with migrants increase dramatically. So what does that mean where does that leave us?

And this is a really bad place, looking at a number of people who cross the border, especially the children who cross the border in recent months, it is the most that we have seen in the history of the United States Border Patrol. Illegal entries at the border are unprecedented. At the same time, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service, its interior, immigration control, had the lowest levels of deportations. So it had a record number of illegal entries, lowest level deletions, and that’s not by accident as many times as by design.

As for Anthony blinking over Central America is a waste of time, it’s pure ignorance, because all they have to do is reverse what they are doing. Go back to the policies that his policies are driving this surge at the border. Even the president of Mexico said that when you say that you are going to open your border, you are not going to stop, you can put a moratorium on deportations, you are going to reward amnesty and DACA and at the same time offer free medical attention.

That is what is causing this crisis. They are the policies of his administration. And that is clear.

It seems like they want to reverse a lot of what you did during the Trump years. And we’ve seen it over and over again. Tom, if you only hear Joe Biden speak, this should come as no surprise. I mean, there is no video of him in Iowa and in August nineteen. And he made that comment that you could easily absorb two million more immigrants or refugees in the United States. You could easily do that. So none of this should come as a surprise.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise because that same August, I wrote an op-ed for Fox News and said specifically, if Joe Biden becomes president, we lose the border, we lose all of President Trump’s success, you know, won in the border. I don’t care if you like President Trump or if you hate President Trump. Everyone has an opinion on him. But you can argue the fact that it gave us the safest border in my life, in my career.

Illegal immigration is down 78 percent, depending on what you look at. I mean, great success. As for him wanting to increase illegal immigration, let me clarify what they are doing. They are going to legalize illegal immigration. They’re going to wait, Mark, my word first was if they were going to change the asylum rules because 90 percent of Central Americans will apply for asylum, they will never get relief from the US courts because they don’t qualify. So they’re going to change the rules and make them qualify.

So if you’re running away from domestic violence, running away from gang violence, now you’re going to qualify, which is exactly what it doesn’t say the statute has to run away from, fearing persecution from your local government due to the race. , religion or political affiliation. They are going to change those rules. And they have already legalized illegal immigration. The United States, as far as I am concerned, because if you are illegally in the United States right now and you walk to an ice age to say, I entered the country illegally last year, a judge ordered me expelled, what are ? are you going to do about it?

I can’t arrest them because unless they commit a serious aggravated Feneley and are convicted of it, ICE can no longer arrest anyone for this.

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