LeBron James faces backlash

LeBron James faces backlash for leaving court early

LeBron James caused a stir on social media by Lee and other places by leaving the court early five minutes early during a blowout loss to the Phenix Suns in Game five of their best to seven, sports commentator Skip Bayless slamming the early exit on Twitter, writing, quote, Here we go again. The drama king leaves the bench. Guess he doesn’t want to be associated with this game. And a fan replying in part, quote, Once again, LeBron James makes it all about himself.

He had to react. Founder of our kick dotcom, Clay Travis. He’s a part of the Fox News family as well. Now, Clay, I got to be honest, what is the beef here? Because he leaves when they’re winning. Sometimes he leaves when the losing team is in a rush. He’s got to be traffic. So what is it? Well, when you’re losing by 30 points and it’s a signature game and LeBron does always seem to make it about himself in general, I think it’s LeBron often wants the credit, but he doesn’t ever really want the blame.

And if you remember the last time he lost in the playoffs, remember when they lost to the Warriors and he had ended up punching the wall after that awful decision by his teammates not being able to get a shot off at the end of the game. He got his cast put on guys before he went to talk to the media. So he just played an entire series without a cast on. And then he gets a cast put on his wrist in the ten minutes before he goes to talk to the media so everybody can see, oh, he wasn’t a hundred percent.

And there’s some sort of excuse here. This is just LeBron. He likes the spotlight. He likes the attention. But it’s not to know when he walked off the court, this was going to be the reaction as Jordan walk off the court. I mean, you going to be a leader or not? Remember the first year with the Lakers and it was so bad he would sit on the scores table. He wanted no part of a bad team.

What about through the good times and bad times? Well, LeBron, look, remember, this has happened before. He takes his jersey off as he walks off the court, we thought for the final time with the Cavs after they got to run by the Celtics. I think you’re right. Look, this is LeBron being frustrated. The big story here, as much as LeBron gets attention for walking off four, five with five minutes left is Anthony Davis can’t stay healthy.

And if this team doesn’t have Anthony Davis, they can’t score. So tonight, they’ve got a chance in Game six if Anthony Davis can play if he’s healthy. Charles Barkley called Anthony Davis Street close. I would call him Mr. Glass. For those out there who remember the movie, he just can’t stay healthy. And he is really the linchpin here for the Lakers. As much attention as we give LeBron, they can’t win without Eddie.

What do we say to our kids, though? What is this? He’s a role model in many aspects of his life. He builds schools. He does a lot for his community, but yet he is not sticking with the team. It’s a team sport, not an individual sport. And there are a lot of little boys and little girls that look up to these athletes. And when you see them doing that, what message does that teach our kids?

Well, overall, I would say LeBron has been a very good role model in terms of I always like to compare young athletes to child actors. And LeBron was basically heralded at 16 and 17 years old as the next great athlete. And we’ve seen so many 16 or 17 year old celebrity actors and actresses who fall apart. But LeBron knows this. He should have stayed on the court. Five minutes left is a lot of time. He knew the attention he was going to get.

This to me is a poor choice by LeBron for be fined today.

They’re afraid to find the NBA.

Does it do anything? He did covid protocols and nobody did it. He paid. The rules don’t apply because you are you under strict rules. So if you do something like that, we will find you. All right. That that is a box rule. Don’t in this interview really know LeBron rules for you. OK, good. Thanks so much, guy. Hey, I appreciate you all happy, thanks a lot.

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