Mums support NRL

Mums support NRL high tackle crackdown

All right, let’s go to the front of the Daily Telegraph and the Courier Mail, who are both running a campaign against head injuries, particularly among kids. Protect our kids. Mums join the battle against high shots. That’s the telly. The mothers of tomorrow’s rugby league superstars 100 percent behind the NRL crackdown on high tackles. There’s always a worry when your kids are playing a sport that they’re going to get hurt, said Vic. I do worry about the high contact.

And then, of course, we go to the Courier-Mail. Similarly, we have a front-page story. We backpedal on high shots, protect our kids. Junior footy mums are throwing their support behind the crackdown on high tackle, saying the move will protect the future of the game and ensure their kids are safe. Wavell Heights mother Lucy O’Reagan, pictured with league medicine. Ned said she backed the controversial determination to rid the sport of dangerous, cheap shots.

Now, just a personal experience here. Later, my little bloke’s known and he plays rugby union, plays rugby union at a school on the Gold Coast. They struggle with numbers. And then you look across at soccer. And they have got too many kids and I have a belief and it’s shared by a few of the moms and dads who have got kids in the rugby union, that it’s that high shot mentality that is affecting the recruitment of youngsters into league and union these days.

And I think it’s a real issue. Most of the kids wear headgear, which is fantastic, but I think it’s a real issue. And I’m glad that the NRL and the IAU are looking very strongly at this issue.

Look, I think that you’re right, they absolutely have to if they want to see a future in this sport, then they have to make this a priority because, you know, as a mum, I was very, very happy when my son, when he was much younger, decided to play soccer and he didn’t go down the route of playing rugby union or rugby league because of this very reason. And I love the fact that the journalists and the photographers have decided to tell this story through the eyes of parents because, at the end of the day, you can have all the great league stars out there held up as role models.

But it’s the mums and dads who have their little ones running out onto those fields on a weekend, who worry about their safety. And as a sport, it is a very, very physical, rough, and tumble game. And they have to make sure that if they’re sending out these young kids and even their style players, that they’re not going to end up in hospital with a concussion or worse and hit after hit. We’ve seen that was what the results of that that are.

So I think it’s a great decision. I think it’s probably a very tough decision for the sport to make, but it’s part of them to ensure that they have a future, you know, and there are about three hundred thousand odd junior players registered in this country. And if you look at school, sport is over a million kids at play rugby league. So absolutely credit to the newspapers for focusing this story and telling it through the eyes of parents because that’s where they have to get this message.

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