I find this tragically disgusting

Tyrus: I find this tragically disgusting.

Foushee was warned, but the emails were scorned, The Washington Post, a newspaper that obtained hundreds of pages of emails from Dr. Anthony Fauci from the early days of the pandemic. Apart from the usual requests for nudity, they reveal correspondence with national and foreign health officials. There were really no types. He was only seeing if the audience was listening. In January 21, scientists warned him that the virus had some unusual characteristics and seemed designed. And in mid-March, physicist Eric A.
Nilsson wrote to Foushee, saying China had been lying about its death toll, adding, citing: The data released by China is not just rubbish, it has misled the world into a false sense of security vis a vis. I never get to say that word death rate and age versus death compared to what I really think the outbreak, the tsunami in the US has already happened or is about to happen. That’s just part of the email. It went on for several pages, for which Foushee apparently didn’t have time because he forwarded the email to an NIH member writing too long for me to read, too long for me to read.
That would be a great name for his book. If Andrew Cuomo hasn’t uploaded the website yet, but we’ve all been there, he usually stopped reading Sene emails with five thousand dollars or you’ll never see Catemaco again. Nancy, she’s still here. You and every time I can’t help it. I do not know. I can not. I can’t, I can’t wait because he can reach me and kill me for pointy arms that can’t make me.
I wouldn’t worry about him getting up. I mean, I’m literally in a wheelchair and he’s the only one here with a better chair that I don’t know how this decision was made.
You would enjoy it.
It’s okay. I have a physicist, but the physicist was right. China says it has approximately 4,600 deaths from coronavirus. That’s as credible as Hillary Clinton’s southern accent. And a different email, a researcher whose non-profit organization directed money to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Thank Foushee for dismissing the WU on the lab leak theory early on, calling Foushee brave for dispelling myths about the origins of the virus. Well, like the cast of Friends that didn’t age well. What a great line.
I think I’m going to stop right there. Do you think China should build a statue of Foushee in Tiananmen Square? Yes.
Thanks in person. But look, this man, who, by the way, great title, too long to read. That’s very funny. Too long to read the email from China warning of a covid tsunami. But let’s go over what else you had time to email. Had time to reply to a friend who said your face is on donuts and you have a cult following. And they ran out of Foushee Donuts, to which Falchi responds, I can’t wait for this to end.
Yeah right. He is enjoying it. He is a megalomaniac. Then he e-mails a friend and tells him that he said: I look like Brad Pitt on SNL. That made my day. And my favorite is when he posts a headline that says Chris Cuomo and Fevre Foushee. The sexualization of these men is real. That’s what America’s leading infectious disease expert was doing during a pandemic.
Yes. Yes. Well, you know, he loved it, but I didn’t know about Donitz like Douchy Donitz. They are holier than you. They are. Well, that’s why I have a show when things like that come to me. Kairis, isn’t that undeniable? Isn’t it undeniable?
It is undeniable that only you came up with that. You’re right. I find this tragically disgusting. You had time to release the first few releases, you had time to do every tour on every TV show and get praised, but you didn’t have time to read the email, which was specific to your work. Right. One of the things that science and doctors are supposed to do a lot is read carefully. That is number one.
You had a job, you were in charge of infectious diseases and how something was triggered and you let it slide to say it’s too long to read. There was no other follow-up email. So what did you come up with? Was there something to that? Do I have to check it again? Where is that? He literally dismissed it because it wasn’t important to him when it was supposed to be important to him. So just like we like to go and the glove fits in this, in this kind of situation, what Cuomo and what he did with the nurses, there must be the same attitude towards Falchi and how he ignored the red flag signals.
Hey, look at me. Here’s a problem. And he just let it slide because he wanted to be famous. And also

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