Uncovered text messages reveal

Uncovered text messages reveal new details about Hunter Biden

More news about the son of the current president than the vice president, the former stripper who had a child with Hunter Biden was reportedly on his consulting firm’s payroll when she became pregnant, even though the president’s son claimed he didn’t know her. Text messages obtained by the Daily Mail from Hunter Biden’s now infamous laptop apparently show he booted her off the company’s insurance plan at his own request just months after she gave birth. Hunter Biden settled a paternity suit with that woman back in twenty eighteen, Carly Shimkus, Fox News headlines.

Twenty four seven reporter joins now Carly.

Yeah, I mean, the details of Hunter Biden’s life continue to be made public thanks to this laptop. Now, this all has to do with London Roberts, who, as you said, became pregnant with Hunter Biden’s baby in twenty seventeen. And for those who are unfamiliar with the story, he initially denied that the baby was his and refused to pay child support. She took him to court. That’s when we found out about this baby. And now, according to the Daily Mail, they printed they published text messages and emails that claim to show that one hunter, Biden, made sure that London Roberts was no longer on his health insurance plan just three months after she gave birth.

And there are other text messages that show that when she was pregnant, she tried to reach out to him and tell him the due date of the baby and he never responded. So, Harris, this is why when he was promoting his book and he was doing the late-night circuit and people were applauding him, it was mind-blowing because, yes, he’s the president’s son, but he’s not a good guy. And if you’re a feminist, he knows as public enemy number one.

Well, and he did talk about his drug use and abuse and all of that time. And you know, maybe that played a role in his memory. But clearly, if he booted her off the company insurance, he did, in fact, know her.

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