Floyd Mayweather: Cryptocurrency

[Boxing] Floyd Mayweather: Cryptocurrency is ‘the new wave’

All right, if you’re still not paying attention to Bitcoin, like most people have kind of gotten on this head on down to Miami where fifty thousand believers are expected at the biggest cryptocurrency event ever to take place, CEOs, celebrities, billionaires, it all kicks off there today. And Susan Lee is there for it. I love this. Susan, how’s it going so far?

Yeah, well, a bitcoin and cryptocurrency mania has descended right here in Miami, as you mentioned, the largest cryptocurrency event ever to be held on the planet. And this is the outdoor space here. So where revelers can enjoy some food, they have a music arcade and also, of course, a lot of games and just a lot of art installations here. Now, they’re attracted here because a lot of prime time stars. And that does include Floyd Mayweather, who has a huge fight in Miami on Sunday evening.

And I just spoke to him about cryptocurrency. Listen.

Cryptocurrency, I mean, it’s the new wave is what everybody’s doing, and I started, you know, of course, I started with boxing, but then, of course, now it’s real estate. My real estate portfolio is crazy, but I’m truly blessed. I’m truly, truly blessed. And if cryptocurrency is the new wave, you know what? Be the best.

Now, Sandra and John, I try to save that for you. But as you know, the champ will do what the champ wants to do. Back to you.

There is a lot of energy there.

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