Floyd Mayweather on Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather on Logan Paul, Conor McGregor, & Jake Paul

Three days away from Floyd Mayweather taking on Logan, Paul Showtime, pay per view, media availability on Thursday on South Beach and there’s the face-off, the stare-down hall looking down on the smaller Mayweather ahead of the Sunday, 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Fight Logan, I think was the first to kind of take a step back, ready to ready to leave and Floyd step back to him. He’s done it a lot more. Floyd Mayweather, there’s 50, you know, in actual fights, Logan, Paul O and one.

This is not an official fight, though. There will be no official winner. But if somebody gets knocked out, somebody gets knocked up. We are now joined by Floyd Money Mayweather Floyd. You’ve had a huge smile on your face all day today. You’ve said that this isn’t a fight. You know, it’s not really a competition. This is about entertainment. Your team has said you are out there to entertain on Sunday and we’re going to see things we’ve never seen before from you.

What should we expect?

Expect fireworks. We’ve got a great undercard. We also got some championship boxing right before the main event, which is me and Logan. I want everybody to win is going to be great, but have fun. I’m in great shape. And as you guys can see below compositing great shape. So we’ll give the people what they want to see.

Do you respect Logan, Paul?

As a boxer, absolutely, I don’t respect him and as a man, I don’t respect me, so I don’t respect him and don’t respect me, he can handle it how you want to handle it?

How do you want the fight to go? I mean, if it’s going to be entertaining, I mean, that can either be first round cayo or you could take this thing the whole way and give everybody their money’s worth.

How do you want it to go ideally?

I can’t say. You know, once the guy come out, I feel a guy. I’ll see what I’m going to do and I go from there and it’s it’s all up to me what I want to do if I want to go on and go straight at him and do what I do. And that’s what is going to be.

You called this legal bank robbery. Can you explain why you’ve dubbed it that?

I mean, a guy that’s not at the elite level exhibition and I’m able to make eight to nine figures. This is crazy. And I’m retired.

Yeah. What’s going on? I mean, you’re retired. You’re already a billionaire. I mean, why do you even need more money at this point?

But I didn’t retire from entertainment. I did retire from making money. You know, I don’t want to get a pot belly at home and and not be in shape. This this is what keeps me motivated to stay in shape and keep working hard. So young guys like this that’s pushing me, I need it.

I’ve noticed this week that you and some of your team members have have said, listen, we’re we’re open to a kind McGregor rematch. Why would you be interested in that after this?

Well, I didn’t say that somebody from my team said it. So you guys said me, somebody from my team. I didn’t say that. But, you know, I don’t shy away from from no battles.

Where do you stand right now with Connor, is he on your bad side again and why, if he is already, do we kind of regret? We had to be we settled our beef with seeing what happened. The result is always the same.

So what’s next for you after this? I know you’re going to go out and entertain us on Sunday, but I know you have a lot more planned after this. Can you kind of give us a little sneak peek at.

My next plan is to make my daughter just graduated yesterday, my youngest daughter to get her in the best college and work with my son and his music to help my children. That’s what’s important after this event comes down.

You’re a grandparent now as well, aren’t you?

Yes, I have a grandson, yes.

Congratulations on that. Hey, before we let you go, do you know where the hats that have you been able to relocate that

I don’t really know about? No, but I could I could tell you about my bank account.

I know it well. It’s going to be it’s going to be even better after Sunday. Floyd Mayweather. Good luck with the entertainment on Sunday. We can’t wait to see it.

Thank you.

And up next, we’re going to hear from the other side of Sunday’s fight. Logan Paul joining the morning combat guys, Luke Thomas and Brian Campbell talking about his great bone density, among other things.

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