Logan Paul Reacts To NEW Floyd Mayweather

Logan Paul Reacts To NEW Floyd Mayweather Training Footage

Floyd Mayweather is literally showing no signs of slowing down as he continues to train for his boxing match with Logan Paul on June 6th. Florida has recently done his final public workout for the media to see, and he was looking pretty impressive. In more recent interviews, Floyd Mayweather has actually said that he has no strategy going into the match against Logan. Paul, we think it would be safe to say Floyd isn’t taking his upcoming boxing match with Logan Paul seriously, but he is still in amazing shape.

Who Will Win, Logan Paul Or Floyd Mayweather, Mayweather 99% win, people interview

At the press conference, Floyd Mayweather mentioned that Logan Paul is much taller and stronger than him, but that won’t help him in the boxing match because Mayweather is just way more skilled and obviously faster, though Floyd has respect for Logan for stepping in the ring. He says that this match will be easy for him. And he even mentioned that Paul brothers are fake fighters and Floyd is a real fighter. In a recent interview with Barstool Sports, the 44 year old fighter revealed that he had no strategy for the matchup and they simply has to show up on Fight Night to beat his opponent.

Floyd Mayweather on Logan Paul, Conor McGregor, & Jake Paul

No strategy. I’ve just got to show up, Floyd said. All this sounds like a joke coming from Floyd, but we think he is pretty serious. Mayweather his new training footage is out and seems quite ready for the fight. Welcome back to another video on the channel. It’s caught on camera. And today we will be talking to you guys about Logan. Paul reacting to Floyd Mayweather, his new training footage. Floyd Mayweather versus Logan. Paul will take center stage on June six.

Logan Paul to Floyd Mayweather, ‘You’re Gonna Quit in 6 Old Man’

And it is OK to admit that you probably will be watching this match. I mean, let’s be honest, a 26 year old popular YouTube versus a 44 year old, a retired boxing legend isn’t an ideal representation of boxing at its finest, but it will definitely put to entertaining and wildly polarizing personalities in the ring together. And hence it has a chance to do unexpected pay per view sales. From a boxing perspective, Mayweather, if he uses even 10 percent of his skill, he should deliver Paul a world class boxing lesson Sunday at Hardrock Stadium in Miami Gardens.

Watch Logan Paul TRAIN for Fight Against Floyd Mayweather

Floyd is setting back by 40 pounds in weight and six inches in height in 18 years in age, which adds a little interesting intrigue. But whether you prefer him as Pretty Boy Floyd or Money Mayweather is 50, you know, as a pro. So you can’t expect him to lose against a boxing novice. So let’s get into exactly what was Logan Paul’s reaction to Floyd Mayweather, his new training footage for Floyd.

I’m probably gonna need to put my hands up like, OK, he’s got every every tool in the shed, dude. Absolutely. Saying he’s got his arsenal and his knowledge when it comes to boxing is unlimited. So you never really know what, Floyd, you’re going to get. And he watches you do he watches you like a like a a computer, bro. He’s going to come out he’s going to take a couple of steps to his left. He’s going to take a couple of steps to his right, see how I react, watch my footwork, see him crossing my feet, whatever I’m doing, download it and set up like four different punches off of each one, like every movement I make in probably the first like two to four rounds.

He’s going to keep it real light and just watch me.

Floyd has been retired ever since he defeated UFC star Conor McGregor in August. Twenty seventeen and one of the biggest boxing paper views ever, and he is now forty four years old. After his victory over Connor, Mayweather finished his career. Fifty, you know, going down as one of the best boxers of all time. Despite retiring a couple of times in the past, Floyd decided to wear his gloves once more as he takes on Logan Paul the YouTube in an exhibition match.

This fight, too, has the potential to garner similar interest to that of the Floyd versus McGregor. As Floyd always attracts the headlines and Logan has millions of fans following throughout various social media. Logan, Paul’s brother Jay Paul, is making waves in the world of boxing as well, with some pretty impressive outings. Well, Logan has significantly less experience with only having one pro fight and ending in defeat to Kassi in twenty nineteen Logan. Paul is eighteen years younger than his opponent, but that has not stopped Mayweather from looking as fit and as fresh as ever.

A recent clip shows Floyd Mayweather in training for the fight, and it does seem like he has never been away being able to dodge whatever is thrown his way. Floyd shows his trademark lightning, quick hand speed and reaction instincts, though we agree that working on the pads is a completely different proposition to an actual fight. And Floyd Mayweather is bound to be a little bit rusty after four years out of the sport. But if the footage is anything to go by, then we will be pretty sure that he hasn’t lost any of the ability that made him great.

Are you guys enjoying the video? Before we get further into it, please like and subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss out on anything else from us. Let’s continue with this one. Logan Paul, on the other hand, claim that he has visualized beating Floyd Mayweather in his head. Every single night ahead of their clash at Miami, despite never picking up a single boxing victory in his short professional career, the YouTube star will take on the 15 hour boxing icon back in November 20 19 nineteen.

Logan was defeated by fellow YouTube kassi from the UK, but still feels he has the attributes to defeat Floyd in the exhibition crossover event. Logan Paul recently told Sky Sports that he has seen it all in here and all he does is visualize. He knows we asked to do. I know what it’s going to look like standing across from Floyd and looking in his eyes. He’s going to be smiling, I’m sure, taunting me a little bit. I’ve seen all of it being asked whether he had visualized defeating the undefeated former boxing champion Logan mentioned every night.

And then he was asked, put how he would be feeling into words. The YouTube replied, No, it’s indescribable. Pure elation. The terms of Logan Paul’s exhibition fight means that Floyd Mayweather is impeccable. Record in the ring will not be affected even if he loses or wins the contest, while Logan’s history of only one will remain the same even if he does win, rumors say that Floyd Mayweather will be earning in the region of around 70 million dollars from the fight and has described it as a legal bank robbery, with many expecting the boxing legend to form light work of Paul.

Logan has said that the match is way more than an exhibition and insisted that Mayweather will not have an easy fight. What exhibition is a three minute rounds? Paul said to the true Geordie. You know, this is a fight. If Floyd didn’t want to rip my head off before my brother took his hat and well, now he’s trying to kill me. He’s trying to make an example of the big brother. So the younger brother has to suffer a watch and witness.

I don’t know if you’ve seen Scarface, but that’s where he’s trying to do. It’s going to be a war. I’m not going to make this stuff easy for him. We’ve been training our butts off for eight months now to fight this guy. There’s no secret why Mayweather and Paul are doing this fight. Of course, the reason is money, but both of them are going to take on some big bucks being less than twenty five minutes in the ring.

Floyd came out of retirement just to get re retired. I’m about to beat the greatest fighter of all time, Logan Paul said, though there’s reason to doubt if he truly believes that Floyd Mayweather is training. Video picked up nearly two million views within three hours of uploading where boxing fans were excited to see him put in action against Logan. Paul, one viewer commented that Floyd Mayweather is still a master of the craft. Another viewer commented that people out here really think that Logan Paul stands a chance against this man.

Fans were saying that Logan is getting cold and won’t stand a chance against Mayweather. While someone really made a big prediction for the exhibition match, they said Floyd is knocking out Logan in under two minutes. Fans were also writing Rip Logan. Paul, with that being said, it’s time to end our video. But before that, we want to know how you feel about all of this. Who do you guys think will win Floyd Mayweather or does Logan and Paul actually have a shot against him?

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