Logan Paul to Floyd Mayweather

Logan Paul to Floyd Mayweather, ‘You’re Gonna Quit in 6 Old Man’

Is it crazy than you expected, Logan, or is it like the kind of the hoopla around it, what you thought it was going to be?

Now, it’s pretty much exactly how I imagined it. I’ve tried over the past eight months to really put myself in the future and imagine how I would feel when the time came down to it. And it’s here another day at the office.

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I’m listening to all these people talk about the fight and how hard you’re training and how much you really have fallen in love with this sport. But then they’ll say, oh, but he’s got no realistic chance to beat Floyd to the best guys, the best fighters in the world couldn’t touch. Floyd has Logan and Touch Floyd. Is there any way this flight is a success outside of you beating Floyd Mayweather?

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I mean, walking into the ring with Floyd is a success. Like, that’s the beautiful thing about this already one. It’s over. You lost. And then imagine what actually be in.

And it sounds like you are going in there, I don’t think it’s B.S., You seem like you are going in there to win this fight. Do I read that correctly?

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A thousand percent. I was waiting for the guy in the black suit to approach me and be like, yo. We’ll pay you 50 million dollars for this fight. We can’t afford Floyd losing like some behind-the-scenes shit, but it never happened. You know, like this is this is me wanting it so badly. I don’t I don’t even care about the money. I want to beat Floyd Mayweather.

You’re going to step in and you’re going to fight Floyd Mayweather in a few days, Sunday in Miami. What’s your message to him? Only if only a couple of days now before you get in there and you fistfight each other?

I don’t have a message for him right now through a camera. I’m about to walk out this door sitting in front of me and face off with and I’ll just tell him straight to his face, you’re going to quit. And six old men, they were saying your brother was banned. I don’t believe your brother actually is banned. Will he be in your corner when you fight?

Jake will not be in my corner, but he will be at to fight. Banning him from the event is bad business, so he’ll be there.

Anything else you want to say? Anything to the fans? Again, people are so excited about this thing. Before I let you go, Logan, tune in.

Tune in. You all don’t want to miss this moment. I’ve been saying it like the question is going to be, where were you? A local probably Floyd Mayweather. You’re going to remember that moment. You don’t want to miss it. Trust me.

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