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Stephen Miller: Equity is code word for ‘racism’

Well, the administration, while the rest of us have been otherwise occupied, been awarded many millions in coronavirus stimulus money to people based on their skin color alone, this is illegal, it’s immoral, and then it goes unchallenged. Steven Miller has finally challenged it. He’s a former White House adviser. His group, America’s First Legal, just won an injunction against this racist policy. Steven Miller joins us tonight. First of all, thank you for doing this.

Second, explain to the nonlawyers in the audience what exactly this means, if you would.

Absolutely. Well, you know, I’m not a lawyer either. I’m a person who cares deeply about injustice and about what’s happening to our country, just like millions of your listeners. So I put together a group, hired some of the best lawyers in the country to stand up for civil rights in America. We hear two terms a lot in this country, systemic racism, and institutional racism. Almost always those terms are wielded by progressives in a way that is a lie.

That is it is dishonest. There is a smear in this case. We have real-life institutional discrimination, real-life, systemic racism where restaurant owners and farmers are being denied aid solely because of their skin color. That is not only racist and bigoted, it is flagrantly unconstitutional. And I’m proud of the fact that we have won for our clients in the restaurant case an injunction. So they’re able to apply. And now we’re seeking for all others in their same situation, the same right under law to apply just like any other American.

We want equality, not equity, which is code word for racism.

Why isn’t the NAACP joining you? I thought they were against discrimination.

What we are finding out, which is tragic, which is heartbreaking, is that progressives in this country are willing to use the awesome power of the federal government to punish people solely based on how they look or where their ancestors come from. If we allow that to happen to our children, to our colleagues, to our neighbors, to our fellow citizens, the American experiment, Tucker, it’s over. Those are the stakes here. That’s why I’m doing this.

That’s why I am suing the Obama administration to say in this country, you do not punish people because they look a certain way, because their ancestors come from a certain place, because the government has the power to destroy a business because of how someone looks. What’s next? Put someone in jail because of how they look to take away somebody’s entire life, their dreams, everything they have. This is genuinely depraved. It is sick what is going on.

And it is absolutely a violation of law.

Yeah, and it’s illegal in addition to everything else, that is everything you said is true, unfortunately. Stephen Miller, thank you so much.

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