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Floyd Mayweather or Logan Paul, who do you pick, Floyd Mayweather, who’s more attractive looking? Paul, Floyd Mayweather. We’re talking one night stand tonight, Lloyd Lloyd. I’m going to give you the bag. That’s why I like the dark, right? It’s like I always do. Got bitch at my crib watching Scooby-Doo says she wants to fuck me. I said OK. When we did not clearly say that she got Jake, Paul or Canelo Alvarez.

Floyd Mayweather on Logan Paul, Conor McGregor, & Jake Paul

Who would win that? I’ll a lot of people. I think Jake Paul might actually win that in a weird circumstance. I want you to tell the camera why he won’t win that. Tell them what I say. Oh, my God, make-up. He’s a fucking idiot. He made his sit out dead here. But so when I get to St. Paul, there’s just no not even like Mike. There’s just no competition there, John. Ever have a sugar daddy?

As I said, I already am. I want one. It’s kind of morally wrong to have a sugar daddy. I said, what if I already am sugar baby? Maybe stories to tell us right now. How old was he? What did it look like when it was soft? Oh, good school. Hey, girl, go get some ass injections before you talk to me like that. Do a 180 real quick bus down real quick. Yes, indeed.

Logan Paul to Floyd Mayweather, ‘You’re Gonna Quit in 6 Old Man’

Go ahead. This little. About oh, God. Oh, God, oh, god, oh, my God, oh, my God, oh my God. Oh, my God. This all the little dots in a war. No drama. They just voted for Obama. And I know all we all get home before to win eight to back to the crew. Can I ask you a question? Hey, what’s up? Never mind. Never mind.

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Logan, Paul or Floyd Mayweather. Who do you pick the waffle one? What’s one. The waffle. The white guy. The waffle poor girl. She had a little bit too much to drink tonight. She can’t really talk right now. You know, we’re not going to force her to talk. But again, she can’t talk. Floyd Mayweather or looking. Paul, Floyd, tell me you like black guys without telling me you like black guys.

Watch Logan Paul TRAIN for Fight Against Floyd Mayweather

But if I go both ways, it’s ways you like women and men. I like all colors. All colors. I’ve been with an Indian man. Haven’t experienced that one. I don’t think you want to maybe not take back that color sky Mayweather or Logan. Paul Mayweather. Tell the camera why you said that. Well, to Mike, you want to talk a big fucking game. Look at the camera. Talk about Mayweather. It’s one of the best boxers.

Talk to the big fucking one, one of the best boxers like the man of all time. Hey, it’s fucking looking like the bad weather. I like the bad weather. Like the man with his bro blow I bad, bad, bad. Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor, Adrien Broner. Fuck one suck one. Fuck one big one. Fuck him, suck him. Marry him. Oh all right. You know. Thank you. Thank you.

Logan, Paul. Floyd Mayweather. Who’s winning. I don’t want to answer this question, but also Floyd Mayweather. I’m like I just don’t know Logan yet to pick to be a sugar baby to Logan Paul or Floyd Mayweather. Which one are you picking? I’m a teacher. It’s just like, give me money. OK, OK. Well, if you don’t mind me asking, what subject do you teach Floyd Mayweather? Conor McGregor. Jake Paul.

Got to fuck one suck one. Mary I so I’ll fuck Mayweather, Logan Paul or Floyd Mayweather as a white man. How are you going to answer that? I think Floyd definitely has experience. I mean, he’s undefeated. Right. But I mean, the size differential you have to take that into the black lives do not matter is what you’re saying right now saying that I cannot believe you just said Logan, Paula, Floyd Mayweather. Who’s going to win?

Probably Floyd Mayweather. No, Logan. Because of the Internet, right? Yeah. Who do you find more attractive? Floyd Mayweather. A Logan. Paul Boyd. Mayweather, yeah. Yeah. About like one alcohol away from alcohol poisoning. Not quite. Oh good. Right now. Obama fan. I just like the shirt. Nice. I actually voted for Trump twenty saying he didn’t win so I felt like my vote didn’t matter. It doesn’t, it doesn’t matter.

Fuck fuck everything. I make sure y’all don’t end up like him. He beat a lot of money on Logan Ball and it didn’t work out. I’ll be like me. Please go to my bookie down at Logan Paul or Floyd Mayweather. Who’s going to win the fucking cares. Oh damn. She’s fine. Damn. Oh shit. Floyd Mayweather. Logan, Paul. Who’s taking the winner, bro? That’s it. You know what? No. Hey, hey, hey.

Black Lives Matter. Y’all stop right now. Down. That’s the guy. Right? OK, what’s the game? Floyd Mayweather are looking for Mayweather. Right now, what they’re looking for, poor, poor girls are scared for the life, this black man pulling them into saying a black man will win. Unbelievable. Floyd Mayweather, Logan, Paul, who’s winning? Logan for Logan. Oh, fucking Mayweather. This is a fucking idiot. I know what Floyd Mayweather has won so many fights by cheating.

He’s been cheating well off. It’s fucking longer. Like the bad weather, like the Mayweather, Logan, Paul or Floyd Mayweather. Who’s going to win Mayweather for sure? Yes, without a doubt. Go ahead. You got to bust down now. ALL Yo, I got to sum it down, down, down. I’m not going to work. Another piece of broken dreams right here on 6th Street probably belong to a whore of some sort. Floyd Mayweather or Logan, Paul, Floyd fucking Mayweather.

Like which way? By which way? By knockout. All the round called the round predicted third round. Her name is what? Christopher Gold. You predicted the dark brown boom. Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul. Who’s winning that? Floyd is because he’s black, right? No, it’s actually because he’s like it’s all about race, isn’t it? No, it’s crazy. First of all, Logan, Paul is set to be at least 180 and Floyd has to stay down at least 150.

She just pissed me off, Logan Paul or Floyd Mayweather. Who’s taking that? Floyd Mayweather. What the fuck? Who the fuck is Logan? Paul. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Who is it? Floyd Mayweather or Logan? Paul. Who’s going to win? Top Chef Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather just going with him because he’s black right now. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. You might not know much about what I’m about to ask you, but try to answer Floyd Mayweather or Logan Paul, who’s going to win Mayweather Ampol.

Absolutely not. Mayweather. But let me ask let me rephrase this question. Do you have one opportunity to be a sugar baby? You’re either picking Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor, which won either Mayweather seems like an asshole. So I’m not for misogynous Manderlay Brain-Damaged. People are going to love right now. It’s no. So this is love, right? I love her. John Carlos just wrote a song about this. Did you hear that song? No, I’m not making sense right now.

I should walk that way. OK, I’ll have a good night. Floyd Mayweather or Logan Paul. The only reason why I say Floyd Mayweather because he’s black. I knew you were going to be biased, bro. How you do that. Floyd Mayweather, Logan, Paul. Fuck one suck one. Which one? You know me, Logan, Paul or Floyd Mayweather, who’s winning my one by one knockout. Yeah, knockout. Give him the round prediction.

What can I say by the second or third round? Logan, Paul, Floyd Mayweather. Who’s going to win Floyd Mayweather. Right. Why. How is he going to win? What is he going to do? One win. That’s a weird guy. Did you see how weird he was, he was so silly, Floyd Mayweather, he’s well trained like Mayweather is watching this right now. No, he’s not. You have an opportunity to be a sugar baby.

You tell him why you big you know, you are better trained. You’re going to make more money because your training is better than anybody else in the world. Really? Like a college. I say we don’t want to hear that. Logan, Paul, or Floyd Mayweather. Who’s winning Floyd Mayweather? I don’t know. Definitely not Logan. Paul. No. And just out of curiosity, how tall are you? I’m 14, so that’s the legal size for a midget.

We just perfect. It’s like a park at the front. Logan, Paul or Floyd Mayweather, who’s winning? Floyd Mayweather is going to knock him out. Yeah. And should be a good thumbnail. Can you be? I don’t know. Come on this. I’ve got to get my good side. I’m sorry I got priority Knock-Out here I’m pretty sure sniggered knockout. Oh fuck. I tore my neck in the first round. I’m calling. I predicted right here right by the horse shit.

Who’s going to win. Floyd Mayweather. Logan Paul Logan. Paul. I hope neither wins. I don’t even want this fight to occur. It’s just kind of a disgrace. I’ll even care. Not necessarily about OK man I’m gonna fuck, Mayweather. You say no to fucking paying, but I got you, Logan. Paul, knock that motherfucker out. Show us how he’s gonna knock him out. So it’s right here. Hey, look, if you’re here with that fuck up, good time from whatever, like, God damn.

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