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Logan Paul: I’m Fighting Floyd Mayweather This Week

Logan will knock out the city and embarrass Floyd Mayweather. See it to in. I’m not too concerned with trying to convince people that I’m a real fighter, I think on June 6th they’re going to realize the whole stigma of me being a YouTube murder is long gone. I’m aware. Logan Paul youtube channel.

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The Goliath of a man that I’m going into.

Just to grace the ring with him. An honor and to have the opportunity to take everything away from him. It’s an even greater honor, despite so much greater than me. It’s not just my fight, you know, it’s my family’s fight, my friends. And it is a team effort. And I and I’m not doing this alone. I’m coming with the energy of a billion people who felt they couldn’t do something, wanted to get it done and then work their asses off and made it happen.

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I’m. We’re all here to do the impossible.

That job will not get done if I’m not one hundred and ten percent dedicated to discord every second of every day, every single moment counts. There is no more exciting than Boston. Boxing is a dangerous. People put their entire lives on the line in this for.

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Every fighter gets in the ring for modern-day gladiators, conjunctive. That’s the Coliseum in. When I was approached with the opportunity to fight Floyd Mayweather, the best fighter on the planet, that’s not an opportunity to pass up as a person in my position who time and time again has been counted on time and again. People around, I knew that I could be the. June 6th is going to be a historical day. I plan to achieve the greatest upsets, sports history.

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