Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul results and analysis

Bad for boxing, I think it is. I don’t like it. I’m not knocking the polls, Jake Paul Logan poll like some people have because paying attention to the world of boxing promoters have been, you know, controlling the sport for far too long. And when you have promoters controlling the sport, not giving you the fights that you want to see, the fact that a guy like Jake Paul has about fourteen point eight million Instagram followers, I have to pay attention to that.


I mean, I’m looking at Logan Paul’s numbers here. He’s got nineteen point one million Instagram followers. So he’s got an audience there, him and his brother. And know I get all of that in the sport of boxing. I mean, listen, if you can make the fight on your own and you don’t have to use the promoters to do it, they can’t control who you’re going to fight, when you’re going to fight, what kind of audience you’re going to end up having, et cetera, et cetera.

That’s a beautiful thing. And that’s something that can’t be ignored. And we understand that. The flip side to it is that I think that I feel sorry for the boxers because you got legitimate professional boxers out there. You know, I’m not saying that Jake, Paul and Logan, Paul, don’t put in the work. Please don’t get me wrong. I’m sure that they do. And they work very hard at it, from what I’m told. Matter of fact, they’re getting trained by professionals and stuff like that.

And so I understand they’re taking it very, very seriously and they’re to be commended for it, even though they’re not going up against, you know, real boxers as of yet. But if you’re Floyd Money Mayweather. Why and when you talk about an exhibition against Conor McGregor, that’s different. He was the biggest star in the UFC. You were the biggest star in boxing. He talked a lot of trash, wanted it and all of that stuff.

And it was incredibly, incredibly entertaining. Even though we all knew that Conor McGregor wasn’t a boxer per say, even though he was obviously an elite striker in the UFC. I’m just looking at Floyd and I’m just like, you know, I mean, he’s going to toy with this guy, etc. I just don’t believe that people who don’t have a resume per say, because I think Logan Paul only had like this record records like, oh, one or one and one, something along those lines that he’s boxed a total of six rounds.

I don’t think someone like that shit should be in the ring with Floyd Mayweather, one of the greatest, if not the greatest we have ever seen. You know, it should be a privilege to be in the ring with Floyd Mayweather, Max. That’s not something that should happen in exhibition. I just tell you why Floyd is doing this. When you say Floyd. Why? Because Floyd Mayweather has made more money since he supposedly retired than he did in his entire career up to the De La Hoya fight because he’s he’s getting paid absurd money to box exhibitions against Novice’s.

So why wouldn’t he do it? And I’m not like a lot of boxing people here even say what you just said made a lot of sense in terms of of the kind of orthodoxy that the boxing establishment feels when they see stuff like this. And a lot of boxing fans, they feel like it’s a side show and everything else. Look, boxing has been marginalized in mainstream culture, mainstream sports culture. I’m not going to sit here and pretend it hasn’t.

Let me tell you, the people, because I had Jake Paul I-Max on boxing a couple of weeks ago. Let me tell you, the people who who he says have come to him and said, we love what you’re doing for boxing. Mike Tyson, Oscar de la Hoya. It’s Floyd Mayweather who’s fighting Logan Paul in this exhibition. Right. Like Floyd Mayweather, Oscar de la Hoya, Mike Tyson. These are the three biggest box office attractions in boxing in the last how many decades.

And they recognize it. They say we like it. You know who likes it? Dremel, Charlo, Steven. He’s like, yeah, I want to fight on the undercard because these fighters recognize that they’re bringing eyeballs to combat sports. And the way boxing is handled, this in the past has not been good. The boxing establishment felt very threatened by the UFC, not just by me, but by the UFC success in particular. And I’ve been saying for a long time that really decades now, instead of being threatened by it, use it as an introduction to combat sports.

They’re introducing new audiences to combat sports. Go to those people. Say you like combat sports. Maybe you’d like to check us out instead of being hostile toward it. You know, people will they need to know the characters involved to be interested. And they have to believe that there’s an interesting obstacle in the way. So they know Floyd, they know Logan, Paul, OK, Floyd is much more experienced, but he’s old and he’s much smaller.

So some people, the less the less informed. Think maybe Logan has a chance to win. Right. I understand making a big event. That’s what they’re doing. And I also understand that if boxing is you touched on, would give the fans the fights they want to see instead of a dude coming off a signature. When you see like the UFC does, like, well, Dane is a boxing fan who was frustrated for years and tried to correct the mistakes on boxing UFC, a big part of the success.

I’ve been talking to Dana about this for decades. Steven, you’re right. When you touch on that guy comes off a big win, why are you putting him in against setup like fights that everyone knows? The other guy has no chance and they don’t even know the other guy. Max, this answers that.

Let me chime in here. I think you I think you’re misconstruing what I’m trying to say. I don’t disagree with your points. I think they were incredible points, by the way. And I think that it’s great for the sport of boxing. For example, if boxers can become a part of it, they won’t need the promoters to give the public the fights that they want to see. I love the notion of this potentially being something that that could bypass the conventional traditional promoters that have gotten in the way of giving us the fights that we want to see.

I personally listen, I’m a fan of our Heyman’s and the phenomenal work that he’s done over the years. And Bob Arum and I and I love and respect all of these guys. But dammit, when Errol Spence Junior and Terence Crawford out there and we’re clamoring for that fight, we should have it. You know, we shouldn’t have had to wait five years, you know, for Pacquiao and Mayweather to take place and stuff like that. So I get it.

And if this is a conduit towards, you know, leaning towards you, being able to bypass those promoters, to give fighters the fight that they want to see, I respect that. In the case of Logan Paul, I respect the fact that he’s going to step into a ring with Floyd Money Mayweather, even more so to Floyd stepping into the ring with him, because, my God, this person shouldn’t even be able to touch you. I don’t.

But what I don’t condone is. As much as I respect Jake Paul, because I think that he takes it seriously from everything that I’ve been told in terms of his training, people who are teaching him, he’s not taking it for granted. He puts in the work and he’s to be respected for that. You can’t beat up a basketball player. You know, if you going to get in the ring with somebody, you need to get in the ring with somebody as you would use the words you use.

Do you think they’re real? I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I understand, Floyd. You know, he could probably make one hundred million out of this. They’re both really potent on Instagram. Logan’s got like 19 million followers, Jake. Paul is at about fifteen million followers on Instagram. I’m not going to knock Logan Paul too much because I mean, he wants to be a fighter and he’s getting into the ring, albeit retired and considerably smaller, is still the greatest box of this generation and one of the greatest fighters ever in Floyd and Floyd Mayweather who can get in you get up out of his sleep and fight better than ninety-nine percent of the planet.

So we understand that about Floyd. And even though he’s considerably smaller, his skill level is just on another level compared to Logan. Paul. But you know what? A lucky punch can take you out when you get older. So be aware of that. In the case of Jake Paul, I don’t blame Floyd Mayweather a little bit. And I hate talking about these guys in a negative fashion because I like both Logan and Jake. And I think that the attention that they bring to the sport, they deserve to be respected and appreciated for it.

Because if the promoters didn’t mess up the sport so much by denying us the opportunity to see the fights that we wanted to see when we wanted to see them, then it wouldn’t have we wouldn’t have exhibitions like this. But at least Logan Paul is fighting a fighter, Jake. Paul getting into the ring with nonboxers. I know it’s an exhibition, but if he did that on the street, he could get arrested even if it was consensual.

Totally out of this. Even if it was. I know you did. That’s why I’m speaking. So you can hear my point and show how you disagree. The point is, I know he can’t be arrested or anything, but if you got into a fight on the street with somebody, OK, and you were a boxer and they weren’t. Yeah. You can’t get arrested because they’ve agreed. And it’s an exhibition event. But for the most part, you did that in the street.

You get arrested, Jake. Paul is fighting people who don’t box. That’s my issue with him. Nothing else.

I don’t care if it’s an amateur boxer. I don’t care.

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