decline of New York City

Is de Blasio responsible for the decline of New York City?

My next guest is a reporter and editor based in New York City who has been covering Manhattan for more than a decade. He can’t believe what he’s witnessed. And now he’s releasing a brand new book about it, revealing exactly what he saw. It’s called The Last Days of New York Yorker Reporter’s True Tale and outlines the history of the Big Apple, including everything from the civil rights to recovery from the twenty-two thousand eight recession and the city’s decline under the disastrous leadership of Mayor de Blasio.

Seth Barron joins us now. Seth, this is really an American story. So many other cities going through this. How did mayor why do you say this, that Mayor de Blasio feet?

Well, you know, he’s the guy he’s been in charge and he pushed the narrative of the tale of two cities and class division and racial division. So in a sense, yeah, it is his fault, though. There have been a lot of he’s had a lot of help. Let’s put it that way. There’s a lot of socialists and progressives who have had his back and have been completely behind this terrible.

And he also he’s lazy. No one doesn’t usually helps. Number two, you said that he is totally gutted about the city’s prosperity, but yet he is the luckiest mayor. In what way?

Well, he’s been very lucky because New York City never really suffered under the recession. You know, we were bailed out by the federal government. The financial industry was. And all along he’s had plenty of tax revenue and he’s never had to. But he could just spend every dime he wanted to. And then he got very lucky because he skirted all of his corruption cases. So, you know, he’s now within he’s gotten the huge windfall of a big federal bailout.

So he doesn’t even have to fire his wife.

Had that drive account, a billion dollars just gone. How does he get away with that?

Well, you know, he put her in charge of this mental health or mental health plan, even though she’s not a psychotherapist, she has no training in that. She’s a speechwriter and not a very good one. Yeah. And of course, she also is working with full-time staff members like a videographer. He has spent money like it’s just something to push down the toilet and, you know, set to outline how it got here. The relationship between Cuomo and de Blasio hurt everyone.

Very rare to see two Democrats tear each other’s eyes out.

Oh, well, they hate each other and they were just constantly trying to step on each other. This goes back to the Clinton administration when de Blasio worked for Cuomo and there’s some very bad blood and it just became an ego match.

And we paid the price, especially on the communication with covid-19 sat through there every step of the way before the whole country was watching. It’s outlined in your book The Last Days in New York. Great job.

Thank you, Brian.

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