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Parents Place Anti-‘Woke’ Ads Outside NYC Schools

This is a live look outside of a prep school here in New York where fed-up parents are fighting against their school’s curriculum with mobile billboards calling out the social justice agendas. Our next guest, who recently pulled his daughter out of her New York City school for this very reason, is applauding these parents. His name is Andrew Gutman. Do you know him? We’ve had him on the show. Good morning to you, Andrew. Good morning. Thanks for having me.

Thank you for being here. So this is a group there, anonymous parents. I’m sure they don’t want retaliation against their children, so they don’t want their names out there. They started prep school accountability. They’re putting these mobile billboards outside of six different schools at drop-off and pickup. And some of the messages, diversity, not indoctrination, teach how to think, not what to think, what school. Questionmark, speak out. What’s your reaction about this group and what they’re doing?

I think it’s inspiring to see other parents speak out on this issue. I’m not affiliated with a group, but I’m very proud that there are other parents that are, even if anonymously, doing it, but taking some public action against these schools. I think the vast, vast majority of parents at these New York City private schools are not happy, very unhappy with what is going on in these schools with the critical race theory, with what they call the anti-racism initiatives.

And the only way we can get this cancer really out of our schools is for parents to start speaking up and fighting. So I’m really happy to see other parent groups start to do this.

You can see that lady walking in front of it and she looked and read the message. These the schools included are Dalton Brierly, Riverdale, Columbia Grammar and Grace Church. We’ve reported on most of these schools. You pulled your daughter out of Brierly. Tell us why.

Yeah, I mean, I sent that letter. It’s now been about seven weeks where we said we’re not going to be enrolled for next year, we saw what was happening to the school, the pledge that they wanted us to sign, saying we would, you know, teach these anti-racism initiatives at home, the changing of the education, the gutting of the history of classical literature curriculums and how this critical race theory has basically infected everything that the school did.

And we just you know, we said our go to the nearly seven years ago for the quality of education. We thought it was the best education she could get in New York City. And I no longer think that’s the case. I think a lot of other parents feel the same way. So we said, look, if we’re not going to she’s not going to get that great education. There’s no reason for her to be there.

For parents at home that aren’t familiar with schools in New York, Burley’s considered, if you look at matriculation, is considered the number one all-girls school in the country. I have lots of friends with kids at that school and at all these schools, actually. But I’m hearing parents complaining about this, even my most liberal friends. This crosses all political lines, doesn’t it?

It really does. I mean, there’s a very small minority of people in their city and in this country who are pushing this very progressive, critical race theory agenda, the vast majority of parents on the right and on the left. And I have thousands of emails from people, some identifying themselves as liberal or Democrat, that are very unhappy with what’s going on. I’ve talked to a lot of parents in New York City over the last few weeks. There are parents that are desperate to pull their kids out of these schools, even if they’ve already paid tuition for next year if they were somewhere else to go.

And that’s really the challenge. Where else do you go?

What are you going to do next year? I heard one time you said you were thinking about starting your own school.

Yeah, I started to work on that. And, you know, it’s very early, but I really would like to do that. It won’t happen next year. Clearly, it’s going to take a while to start school in New York City. We’re still looking at some sort of home school or homeschooling pod or cooperative. We’re trying to get other families together. There are a lot of families in New York City that are interested right now in doing something like that.

So we’re still figuring it out.

Are you hearing from other parents that say, look, I’ve already paid my tuition for these schools for next year, but I’m going to consider another alternative after that?

Yeah, oh, yeah, there are parents that are looking to pull their kids now, it’s not the older the kids get because you have to deal with college admissions, but especially in lower and middle school. But even in the upper school, I’ve talked to parents that if there were somewhere else to go or if we could put together some of these pods or cooperative’s homeschooling cooperatives, they would pull their kids out. It’s that serious of what is going on in these schools.

How does it make you feel emotional and makes it breaks my heart because these are great schools? And you meet I meet 80-year-old women that went to some of these schools and they have fond memories of it, but they say they’ve seen it change.

Yeah, and I’ve heard from some of them. I’ve heard from some alums that went to go into early decades and decades ago. And they’re devastated. I mean I mean, it’s sad that we’re destroying these, you know, fantastic educational institutions. But is what is much, much sadder is what we are doing to our kids and their education because we’re really, really damaging these kids in demonizing them for the color of their skin, making them feel guilty, indoctrinating them, brainwashing them.

And this is really scary for our kids. It is scary for our city in New York City. It’s scary for our country.

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