Police are not the enemy

‘Police are not the enemy’: Ted Williams sounds off as murders surge in big cities

And there was also a bad weekend for New York City, violent clashes breaking out over a park curfew. Police arresting nearly two dozen people at Washington Square Park. And just down the road, a 10 year old killed in a drive by shooting. Ted Williams is a former D.C. homicide detective and a Fox News contributor. Want to show you the cover of The New York Post today with this quote. Let me say here that we have it. My boy was killed over a driveway.

Just a little boy there, Ted.

You know, Dana, we are a country of laws, and if you break the law, you need to be put in jail. When you look at what is going on in New York, it shouldn’t go on in any major metropolitan city in this country. And that is where you’ve got out of control all lawbreakers. The majority of people in this country are law abiding citizens. And if you’ve got these minority of lawbreakers, the New York Police Department have to deal with them.

But the sad commentary is we know who George Floyd was. But if I asked you, who was Justin Wallace, nobody perhaps can tell us what he was a 10 year old child in New York that was shot and killed all and nobody seemed to give a damn. And I’m very troubled by that, Dana.

And you have this there’s a mayor’s race going on right now. And actually the number one issue is crime. But yet you still have many on the left saying that police reform or even defunding the police is necessary.

You know, these people are clearly wrong. Let me just say that the police we made to police the community, the police are not the enemy of the people and we need to get away from this department. Crap is not going to work in this country in Minneapolis.

I want to take you up there. There has been retirements that are just incredible since May. About 40 officers retired last year and another one hundred and twenty took leaves of absence. That’s nearly 20 percent of a police department with about 840 officers in the city. That’s it, 840. So here’s a crime comparison. Murders are up one hundred and thirteen percent over the year and violent crime is up 15 percent. I mean, do you think there’s an obvious connection there?

It is a connection and let me just say, wake up, Minneapolis, look, the death of George Ford was a tragedy. It was at the hands of a rogue police officer. But what Minneapolis, unfortunately, has done is painted all police officers with one broad brush and they are making them the enemy of the people. And you need police officers there in Minneapolis to police Minneapolis. There was a shooting this past weekend where the US Marshals shot someone.

There was a lot of right there. You got to let police officers be police officers. You got to let them do the job. And that’s a sad commentary. And in Minneapolis right now is they don’t know whether they want to let police officers be police officers there.

Well, we don’t have time, but I could have taken you to many other cities all across the country, including Miami, Atlanta, and unfortunately, probably more to come. Thank you for your expertize, Ted.

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