derelict in their duty

Biden admin has been ‘derelict in their duty’ on the border: Michael McGuire

Hear reaction from retired Arizona National Guard General Michael McGuire. General, good morning to you.

Mark, Steve, thanks for having me.

You bet. So what do you make of this particular thing? The attorney general in Arizona sent a letter to DHS expressing grave concerns, opening this hotel into a migrant facility. Is that a good idea?

No, you know, when you mentioned Vice President Harris not visiting the Biden administration has been derelict in their duty, sending people here to the border to see the impact on our communities, these conversions of hotels and leases in the local area are places where we are simply moving families that are overwhelming our communities. This crisis is growing and they’re being released after 48 to 72 hours. And they’re putting huge pressures on our local communities and they’re affecting our security, border security as a human security issue here.

Right. And the problem is the folks there in Arizona feel that the problem is this migrant hotel facility is in a residential neighborhood near a school. And that’s why a lot of people have a problem. Listen, at midnight, word went out. You made a big announcement. You want to be the next senator from Arizona, right?

That’s right, Steve, I announced last night officially that I’m running for U.S. Senate in the great state of Arizona. I served for nearly thirty-four years as a commissioned officer. And I believe that the country is in need of principled, moral and ethical leadership. And I’m looking to bring that as a conservative constitutionalist. And I say the road to fifty-one leads to Arizona. The road to fifty-one leads to Arizona.

Well, the problem right now is we have seen such a sea change, General, in the migration and immigration policies of this administration. You say that the number one thing if you were elected U.S. senator, that you would really come down on and focus on would-be border security and you’re a border state. Obviously, this is something you know a lot about.

That’s right. I have been in command for eight years as the commander and nearly 15 years in command total, this is the first administration that hasn’t committed to doing the things they need to do. One is to build the wall, secure the border physically to provide the resources to the agents that need to enforce that. Right. And then, three, make sure that we look at laws subsequent to those changes that make us all safer in our communities. And if you all believe that, go to elect MC Dotcom.

This is going to take a whole of nation effort to get some balance back in the US Senate.

OK, well, I know that you will now have announced you’re running in the Republican primary. You’d like to square off against Senator Mark Kelly. Let’s see how that all works out. General, thank you very much for joining us live.

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