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How to Watch Colombia vs Argentina Live, World Cup Qualifying, June 2021 Match preview

Hello and welcome to more talk of and welcome to the full match preview of Argentina coming up against Colombia right here again in World Cup qualifying. And of course, all of this coming just days before the start of corporate America. Twenty, twenty-one, we are going to be talking about whether Argentina can get the win this time around after they couldn’t in their last game against Chile. The full breakdown of the game to come. And all of the team is coming right up.

Match Details:

leagueWorld Cup Qualifying
CompetitorArgentina vs Colombia
DateJune, 08
Start Time7 PM
LocationEstadio Metropolitano Roberto Meléndez
live StreamFuboTV (Contact our live support)

Let’s get to it because Colombia will be hosting Argentina live there from Estadio Metropolitans in Colombia. That’s going to be coming there either on Tuesday evening, Tuesday night, or where you are maybe very early on Wednesday morning. And as you can see right here, these are the current standings in World Cup qualifying. Brazil sitting very pretty at the top of the qualifying standings with a 100 percent record so far with five wins in their five games. Argentina is looking good as well.

They are still unbeaten in second. But as you can see there, much like with Chile just a few days ago, Colombia have work to do. They’ve got points that they will need to pick up to get themselves qualified. We know they have quality players, though, and this, again, is no easy game for Argentina because, yes, Colombia, as you can see here, from their record so far in World Cup qualifying, they have managed only two wins from their five games so far.

And they suffered a particularly bad spell there where they went through very heavy defeats to Uruguay. And you look at that loss there to Ecuador, six goals to one, but they bounced back recently, particularly their performance in their last game against Peru, a very comfortable three-nil win with another former boss, a man Yarrie mean, this time on the score sheet. And I think when you look at Argentina in that game against Chile, I think that’s a real example of what they can do, what they can do as a team, the way they’ve improved in the way they pass the ball and dominate the game.

But I think Messi said it himself and he’s very, very clear in his thoughts after the game. He said, look, it’s been a long time since we last played with each other. It was seven months since Argentina had played their last game. He said it’s not easy. He said, we got some young faces now in the team, a few different players here. He said we will improve. He said, I think, but at times we play good football.

He said I’m happy with the result against Chile. Aside from the fact, of course, that we could not win. I think that there is a very fair assessment of where Argentina was against Chile. Like I say, they did some things very, very well. They certainly controlled the game. They were the ones who were looking to break down Chile. They were the ones who were on the front foot trying to make something happen. But once again, what they got to do is just be a lot more focused offensively because those goals that they can see, they’re from set-pieces, from individual errors.

In some ways, it’s like looking in a mirror at Barcelona. Yes. You have so much of what you create chances for. You’ve got very, very good players. But if you make those mistakes at the back, if you make those simple errors, you’re not going to go as far as you should be going. I think they when you are speaking about that performance and especially what we saw right there against Chile, it did feel, it sounds from Skal only a little bit experimental in terms of the team selection, in terms of the subs as well.

That came on, I think in certain areas, this team where I would look at that game and I would say, OK, we need a lot more than that. And in particular, I would look back at the white areas. Didn’t think DeMaria had a good game at all. I think in the second half there, he was very, very useful until he came off the footplate. OK, they’re right back. But it was on his left side as well.

A campus was subplot at halftime. He was completely ineffective and I would say poor in that, first off. And I would also look as well tackle FICO. He’s a player over the years, has been very, very solid, very promising that I x but I thought the other night against Chile, he’s got to do more, especially going forward there. He’s a little bit hesitant, he looks a bit nervous at times. But I think in that particular area, the team rose really, really happy.

It was in the middle of the picture. Messi, of course, he’s always going to get on the ball. I thought he played really well. But in that playmaking role alongside him, Paradies and particularly Rodrigo DePaul, he was a really good player getting on the ball, confident, finding Messi, especially as well in and around the area. He’s got me there to unleash his shot. And he was unlucky, actually, not to get himself on the scoresheet.

I think one player who was certainly there has to do more. We want him to do more. It’s Lázaro Martinez. I said in the build-up to the game, you’ve got to get players. They’re not getting close to him. He’s not somebody there who wants to be isolated. You want to play the ball in two and then get bodies around him to support him in those areas. So I think in this Argentina team, there’s plenty of potentials.

There’s a lot of quality. There’s no doubt about that, especially going forward. But Scully will know and he will have seen that they need to do more and he will need to make changes. I think, especially the guys, when you are talking about what Argentina needs and in particular game against Chile, those wide areas, like I say, is something I would look at and especially given Argentina for me. I have good players in reserve. They have players who haven’t yet been given that big break, that big opportunity that can give me, I feel and really add something to the team, whether it’s in this game against Colombia or whether Saloni wants to bring them in.

When we come in to cover America. I think these two players that I’m going to mention, can ask for something for sure. The. The first play, that would be somebody who I know many of you guys are a fan of as well, it’s Amy Buendia, the 24-year-old man who can play off to the right side and also in Central. He’s been playing his football recently at Norwich over the past few seasons. And there he has been absolutely outstanding.

When they’re in the Premier League, he’s very, very impressive even when they got relegated. And of course, this season in their promotion campaign back to the Premier League, he has been absolutely instrumental in terms of goals and in terms of assists. And of course, just today he has been confirmed. Now is Aston Villa’s record signing. They’re signing for around 35 million euros, Aston Villa, beating Arsenal to his signature. And I just think he deserves an opportunity in this team.

They’re linking up with Messi. I quite like the sound of that. And I think Brenda has the quality to add a lot, especially at White in this Argentina side. And I would say exactly the same for Nico Gonzalez Soki from player to what Bwindi originally, Brenda is more of a creative player. I think Nico Gonzalez, is a bit more direct. Certainly, they’re a powerful runner, but he’s on the ball. He can certainly chip in with goals as well.

He’s a good finisher, very composed in and around goes, and he’s been a pretty active season in the Bundesliga at Stuttgart, even with his form being that good, that he was linked with Barcelona, too. And I just think those two there, when Nico Gonzalez, as I say, whether it’s in this game, whether we see them out on the field or whether it’s in corporate America, these are two exciting, pretty youthful players. Yes. They may not have bags of experience, but you’ve got to give them a chance to gain experience.

You have to give them an opportunity here to show what they can do. We’ve seen what DeMaria can do on campus, hasn’t done enough recently. Let’s give these guys a chance and hopefully they can shine. And before we do indeed get on to your predictions, guys, right now we are still waiting on 100 percent. Well, that Argentina side is going to be reported right now in the local media are saying there is going to be quite a significant change, not only in terms of personnel, but also in terms of shape apparently against Colombia, that Argentina will line up in a back five or, of course, as three center backs there against Chile.

They went with a foul with Trade Center and two traditional fullbacks. But apparently, they will be welcoming back that Nicolas Otamendi, who did not play against Chile. He was suspended in that game, but he could come in there either to partner Romero Martinez quater played against Chile. Will he keep his place even though he was subbed off for me? I’d like to see again Lisandro Martinez in there. Let’s see what’s going on. He does. And let’s see what Argentina can do in their final game ahead, of course, for America.

I mean, terms, guys, of your predictions ahead of this game. It is safe to say that not many of you believe that Colombia will get something out of this game. But what I would say is I wouldn’t write them off. They are a team there who do have quality. They can come together, especially in a game like this. They are going to raise their game and really try everything to get points they need, let’s not forget, against Argentina.

But I do hope that Argentina can improve and build on what we saw against Chile. Like I say, try and keep yourself a clean sheet. If you do that, if you don’t like your opposition to the school, you can have a much, much better chance of winning. We will wait and see what happens right there. And Messi, again, will be looking to get on the score sheet. So that right there, guys, is everything we can expect from Argentina’s World Cup qualifier against Colombia, which on paper looks like a fantastic match up there against two really, really energetic sides.

Leave your predictions and also leave the team that you would like to see. Escalona up four in the comments below. These are big games and big days for the Argentinean national team and of course, in his quest to gain that international glory. I will see you tomorrow with all of the reactions following this game. But until next time, there’s always restaff Alberta.

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