MLB over All-Star Game

Business leaders sue MLB over All-Star Game relocation

Welcome back to Job Creators Network’s one billion dollar lawsuit against Major League Baseball, it is headed to court tomorrow. The group suing after the league moved this year’s All-Star Game out of Atlanta over Georgia’s voting law. Joining me right now in a Fox Business exclusive at the hearing is Job Creators Network CEO, Alfredo Ortiz. Alfredo, it’s great to have you this morning. Thanks very much for being here. Assess the damage, assess the impact of Major League Baseball, moving out the game from Georgia, moving it to Colorado.

Yeah, absolutely. Again, thank you for having me, Maria. And look, this is truly a David versus Goliath story. And even though Commissioner Manfred and Tony Clark, the head of the Players Association, try to dodge service last week, they were served. And so tomorrow at three o’clock, we have a hearing in federal court in New York City where we’re asking for the game to be moved immediately back to Atlanta. And if for some reason they can’t accommodate that.

And by the way, Maria, the game was moved to four days. So we’re saying with the same speed that they moved it out. We want it moved back. And if they can’t accommodate that, we’re asking for a one hundred million dollar relief fund for all those injured small businesses in the state of Georgia and then punitive damages, which will determine how to work with the state on that.

So so in other words, you are laying out the indirect impacts of that train leaving the city of Atlanta because there are a lot of small businesses that would gain as a result of the game being there.

Yeah, that’s absolutely right. Maria, I mean, this impact is real. These are real dollars, real people. The estimate is about one hundred million dollars of actual estimated impact in a negative way for all these small businesses in the state of Georgia, not only our members ourselves, actually, but also all small businesses in the state of Georgia. And these are real dollars for real people. One hundred million dollars may not be a lot of money for the large corporations, even for Major League Baseball, but we’re talking about the difference of many small businesses, especially the postcode environment in which they were really looking forward to having this extra-economic revenue come in for their businesses.

This may be the difference between closing and staying open. And so these are the American dreams. These are the blood, sweat, and tears of real people. And they showed absolute impunity in that move out of Georgia. And so we are asking for that game to be moved back and like I said, or a relief fund to be set up for all those damaged small businesses in the state of Georgia.

So, Alfredo, what do you think happened here? I mean, we looked at the Georgia voting rules, it wasn’t anything that so out of the ordinary and it was pretty fair in terms of voting. If you look at H.R. one, they want to make mail-in ballots. The standard, which, of course, we all know opens up the door to fraud. How did how was MLB, you know, tricked into thinking that the laws in Georgia were egregious in any way?

Yeah, well, political activist Maria definitely pressured Major League Baseball in conjunction, again, with the Players Association. They made the decision to move it. But look, it was literally this culture, this council culture that really Manfred bowed to and gave in to. And I’m not even sure if he necessarily even read the full law in the context of it because in four days he made that decision. But we all know that that law actually helped the state of Georgia.

And in fact, when you look at Denver excuse me, Colorado, the laws there are actually even more stringent than what they were complaining about in the state of Georgia. And so, you know, these are are real damages based on lies. And that’s what we want people to understand, that there are true consequences when you give in to this culture, in this council culture. And our small businesses in the state of Georgia were definitely hurt. And again, remember, these are blood, sweat and tears.

The American dream, you know, so many of these businesses, we’re looking forward to it. So we want people to understand the hurt and the economic impact that really was brought out by this just complete misunderstanding and given into lies. I mean, even The Washington Post gave President Biden four Pinocchio’s for him for his comments that he made on this particular move. Yeah.

It’s crazy to come out and he should come out and apologize and say, look, I misspoke, but he hasn’t and we know that he won’t. I’ll find out real quickly who hears this case. How do we know what’s the likelihood that you’re, in fact, going to be successful here? What’s the timing and who hears the case?

Yeah, absolutely. So we are set up for a hearing tomorrow at three o’clock is actually open to the public. And I think they have a conference call line set up basically, so you can tune in and others can tune in as well. We will put that out in a press statement. But you know, one thing, Mary, I just have to say is that we’ve got great support from all the majority Senate and House caucuses in the state of Georgia.

But what I want to know is where our current senators, Warnock and Asaph, on this? Because last I checked, not only did they take an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States, but they also took an oath to protect the citizens of Georgia, not just the Democrats, citizens of Georgia, but all citizens of Georgia. I would love for them to stand with us on this against Major League Baseball.

No, I think it’s a great point, where are you, Georgia senators? It’s a great point, Alfredo. We’ll keep on it. Good to see you. Thank you. Watching the suit, Alfredo Ortiz.

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