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Jalen Rose reacts to Jazz vs. Clippers: Donovan Mitchell is ‘unstoppable!’

Meanwhile, the action of yesterday in the NBA, began before the games began, Nikola Jokic announced as the first center to win the league’s MVP award since Shaquille O’Neal in 2000, put together one of the best offensive years ever, averaging more than twenty-six points, nearly 11 boards, more than eight assists. Joel Embiid finished second the end of the action last night in the West Rudy Gobert with this spectacular block on Marcus Morris in the final second The Jazz holds off the Clippers to win by three in game one led by Donovan Mitchell who scored forty-five.

Game two is tomorrow on ESPN. Game two in Philly was last night Joel Embiid playing with a torn meniscus in his right knee carrying the Sixers with 40 points to a sixteen point win in a game that was much closer than that series now tied at one Game three is Friday night And with that let’s talk about it with the star of Jalen and Jacoby. That one, the only Jalen Rose. So Jaylen, let’s talk about what Joel Embiid is doing when this feels like this is what we’ve been waiting for his entire career.

When he plays like that one, can his team be.

It’s just great to watch players mature and life, like sports in particular, as a professional can humble you. And you remember Kawhi Leonard. Historic shot against the Philadelphia seventy Sixers and the shots of Joel Embiid walking off the floor crying. Last year in the playoffs, the Boston Celtics swept Philadelphia out of the playoffs. His goal initially is gone. Trust in the process. Sam Hinkie, his coach past coach Brett Brown is gone. Trust in the process.

You bring in Daryl Morey, you bring in Doc Rivers. Now Joel Embiid is not focused on being Trowell Embiid on social media. He’s focused on being a dominant big in the NBA. That’s why I voted him second in the MVP race and one of my favorite plays of yesterday’s game. And by the way, the Joker deservedly so won MVP. I voted for him first, but Joel Embiid is the most physically imposing big man with skill in the league, and when he’s going through Clint Capela like he was in that game and just dunking on him and he’s up playing pick and roll defense a lot better in Philadelphia was a lot more active with Ben Simmons and Taibo guarding Trae Young.

They look like a team that can legitimately win the Eastern Conference when the Eastern Conference. That was going to be my question to you. Which of these two Sixers Hawks and they’re even at one and I don’t want to put the Nets past Milwaukee yet, but let’s just live in a world where they’re going to someone’s going to play them in the East Final. Which one is a better chance to beat the nets?

Well, we’ll say the hawks have already outplayed expectations, not many people feel like they’ll make it to the second round. Trae Young has made a name for himself on a superstar level. So let’s talk about the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers who had to watch the Raptors and the Heat win the East. And so I do believe, especially if James Harden is hobbled and Jeff Green is hobbled, that the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers are a complete basketball team. You saw how Joel Embiid could get it in the post so he can shoot the three Ben Simmons and Tibor locked down defenders as I mentioned Shake Milton and Curry are giving them shooting on a perimeter and so they’re now becoming a complete basketball team.

You put James Harden back with the nets and he’s healthy. All bets are off. I feel like they’ll win these. But if James Harden is a little hobble and if Jeff Green is horrible I feel like Philadelphia seventy-six-ers are legitimately putting himself in a position to possibly win the East.

OK, I like it. All right, so that’s the East. Now let’s go to the West. Donovan Mitchell. Forty-five points out that and that’s not spectacular. He’s right now the best player on the best team in the NBA. Is he, Jalen Rose, good enough to be the best player on a team that wins the NBA championship?

Spider-Man Spider-Man does whatever a spider can and shows my age when I sing that song Green, I think so. How about the fact that the answer to your question is an absolute yes. And to be a terrific all-star level, regular-season player yet elevated in the playoffs is phenomenal. We score. We saw him and Jamal Murray have the classic battle last year with Donovan Mitchell, Mitchell has fifty-seven points and now we see him in the playoffs elevating his game.

And the reason why, Grady, is because the guy’s unstoppable when he’s playing with speed and he’s playing with force. And so all of a sudden we see he could finish at the hoop, but he had a dunk on people be only six-two. But his ability to shoot the three and play make for others and be unselfish like he was fifteenth in the MVP race, fifteenth on a team that had the number one record in the Western Conference. But once the playoffs come, he elevates himself and also, I think, adding Dwayne Wade to ownership by the Utah Jazz.

That was a genius move for a couple of reasons. Number one, his basketball intellect, all of the things that he’s going to bring to the table on and off the floor. The second thing is to continue to nurture his relationship with Donovan Mitchell because if you’re the Utah Jazz, you don’t want Donovan Mitchell leaving. And it’s really important somebody like Dwayne Wade has that relationship with him that you hope that you could keep him in Utah for a very long time.

Absolutely. To quote the great Jalen Rose Donovan, Mitchell may be young, but he’s ready. Is that how you would say it? Thank you for watching. ESPN on YouTube. For live streaming sports and premium content, subscribe to ESPN plus.

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