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State of Origin: NSW vs QLD Live, Stream, Watch Queensland Maroons vs NSW Blues

OK, it’s almost time to make sporting history, let’s head to Melissa in north Queensland. Melissa Camarones and all footy fans are in for a very big night.

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They certainly are, Andrew. Good evening from Townsville, the capital of Queensland. For one night only, this rugby league match city is about to explode. Hosting State of Origin series up the stadium is a sellout. Pubs and clubs are packed. And for everyone else who can’t get in, there is a street party in honor of our mighty Maroons.

It doesn’t matter where Queensland. It doesn’t matter how. Where the game goes, the fans follow Townsville, the garrison city ready for origin will go right, go the blues. Now, you’ve got a pretty good theory as to why he is one of your mates. And in a blues jersey, what’s the theory? I fell in love with a failing grade 10 and so he went for the blues and then a can’t of guys that in the biggest footy crowd this city’s ever seen.

They won’t witness history. They’ll create it. It’s going to be awesome tonight. It’s probably the first and only first. We’ll see this game here live here in Townsville. Even as the Sun rose, a curtain raiser, one nil maroney’s. But at times it’s love, not war. Baby Blues scoring some Arone signatures. And this you can etched in stone. We won’t forget it.

It’s awesome. It’s really good for the town. It’s great for the small business here in town. And it’s just awesome to be a local today.

It’s a great atmosphere here to volunteer for these boys and mourning to remember heroines get the tickets out of the blue like got to the game. No matter the victor, the regions, the winner. What a wonderful occasion this is for the people of Townsville, fans of rugby league.

This is the place to be tonight. And everybody is pumped to have a state of origin here for the first time in Townsville in a regional city is absolutely sensational.

But still, what’s origin without a tip? Queensland’s biggest crook with a big cold. Before tonight’s burst to the line, a race to the finish with just hours left setup was in overdrive. Testing work is very proud.

It’s fantastic that we’ve been able to pull it all together and perhaps friendships. I get to work with my best friend, even though she’s a Queenslander, best friend today or rival today. Townsville literally in the spotlight and it’s shining bright.

It certainly is. And Adam Heggarty is live on Flinders Street, which is in the heart of Townsville tonight. Looks like you are in party central, Adam and Melissa.

Good evening. I could just about make out what you’re saying. It is party central. Have a look around me here. It is a sea of rowing. It’s a cliche, but is there any way to describe it? And have a look at these guys just here. These are some local families. This is about locals. So many people flew in. So this street party site, people here can still enjoy it. Guys, first. Hey, first things first.

One, two, three. How are you feeling? Showcasing the town as well. How are you? Great atmosphere. Lots of people come out for. It’s awesome for the town and the region. Good stuff, guys. We’ll give you a tour around the place. At the moment. You can play a bit of a sport. The blue at the moment in about half an hour’s time. This is me. And this will be where the Marines and fans will gather to March six.

Forty five is when they start their march to the ground. Melissa, we’ll try to bring it to you.

I hope so, I’ll be waiting for you, but I mean, yes, the party is there, but here this is these are the hottest tickets in Queensland right now, getting inside this cauldron of the north for the big match. And the very last seats have just gone to a very special family bursting with marine spirit meat. Baby Iohannis, he is a little fighter weighing just one point two kilograms, born at 26 weeks and two days on Mother’s Day.

I’m so grateful. But, yeah, just a little bit earlier, he was due in August. Since Yohannes early arrival, Mum Bianca and dad Henry have essentially moved their lives from Mackay, staying at Townsville, Ronald McDonald House while their baby grows strong at the hospital’s neonatal unit. Every day is going to the hospital multiple times a day. He’s doing well. And yeah, he just needs to grow now. And in a year of firsts tonight, another some time for mum being gifted tickets to the State of Origin thanks to McDonald’s like ours jumping.

Yeah, it was a very, very happy it’s a belated Mother’s Day treat and an early birthday present for her mum, who just happened to be in town with Henry forced to head back to work. It was a real surprise on Monday when I came and heard it. Oh, my God, I’ve never been to one. To be able to give a gift like this is just amazing. And particularly in this very special origin day, a front row seat to Queensland’s fighting spirit.

Yes, we are still trying to find a little Maroons onesie small enough for Yohannes. Well, tonight, he is the king of the north. Wally Lewis is inside Queensland Country Bank Stadium. Wally, you’ve been here absorbing a build up. What do you think the atmosphere is like right across Townsville?

Yeah, well, it’s certainly electric, Melissa. I had the opportunity to make my way across town earlier this afternoon, and you could just see the joy on the faces of the fans that were dressed in the Maroons outfits to come along here and support Queensland. It’s a wonderful opportunity, of course, to bring talented rugby league players to the north. They’ve had the chance to do so in club football before. But to have it at at origin level is simply an all time high.

And I know that every one of those players out there tonight will be carrying a fair bit of weight on upon their shoulders, not just to beat New South Wales, but to repay the people of Townsville for their wonderful support.

Yeah, look, hopefully the fans will help them along. I mean, you’ve played your fair share of footy in front of Fihri Queensland crowds. What does that home ground advantage mean for the Maroons?

Well, Melissa, I’ve got to say, it’s worth its weight in gold, a lot of people say that it has nothing to do with turning the course of a match, but when you’re doing it a little bit tough, you really need to call on the fans for a little bit of extra support. Sometimes that requires some illegal tactics taking place, but I’m sure the Queenslander’s won’t be doing that tonight. They’ll go out there and the fans will know that if they give great support, then they Queenslander’s will go a lot better than what they previously were.

Hopefully that won’t be required. We’ve got some wonderfully talented players wearing Amarone Jersey out there this evening, and I’m sure that their skills will be enough to get that reward. But the fans will certainly make a hell of a lot easier.

They will now listen, I’m not going to ask you who will win, because, of course, it’s the Marines, but what do you think by how much?

I think it’s going to be a very tight game, Melissa. New South Wales, they do have a very talented side here. I think it’s going to be one of the arguably tightest games that we’ve seen for a long time. If Queensland can win it, they’ll win it by two points, New South Wales. I hope that they don’t enjoy the night quite as much as their Maroons counterparts.

Yeah, bring on. Kick off. Wally, thank you. Well, Origin Fever is sweeping right across the state from marone colored buildings to themed cocktails. Queensland is gearing up for victory. Sports bars and pubs on the Gold Coast booked to the brim. Staff preparing for days for the origin onslaught prep for.

From Monday till now, the whole sports bar is booked out. We’re going to be packed out at the best place to be other than being up in Townsville on the Southern Downs, Suttons Juice Factory has been serving up Marone apple jelly for the occasion. Even our animals are getting in on the action. These Karara cows displaying their Pledge of Allegiance.

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