More details revealed in police raids

Update: More details revealed in police raids

Had been cast operation inside trawling the global underworld, and today its catch was revealed, tons of drugs seized, hundreds arrested in an operation involving 9000 law enforcement officers worldwide. And at the center of it all. Our AFP.

The dominoes were quick to fall in the United States and in Europe, criminal networks tumbling one after the other.

We have been able to arrest a significant number of leading actors within the violent crime and drug networks in Sweden.

What began in Australia with 250 arrests became a global takedown. More than 800 people rounded up across 16 countries after what’s been described as the police sting of the century masterminded by the AFP and the FBI.

The very devices that the criminals used to hide their crimes were actually a beacon for law enforcement.

The FBI fooled the criminal underworld to use their encrypted communications app called A Norm, as tech savvy officers within the Australian Federal Police tapped into the every word.

I want to specifically recognize the Australian Federal Police for their outstanding strategic partnership. In recent years, across many cases, the criminals were not underneath the radar. They were on it.

An FBI file unsealed overnight by a US court as detailed just how brazen and careless they had become. On January four last year, two Australians allegedly used the app to discuss a cocaine deal. What he offer it to you for? The other person replies with the photo of hundreds of kilograms of the drug marked with Batman labels. The app also helped tip off police about a planned hit on a Newcastle man involved in the importation of methamphetamine, which had been hidden in machinery.

They want his ADDAE or address to sleep him. Read the message police feed the 37 year old was going to be killed and he was arrested and charged for his own safety. I think you’ll see over the years to come that there will be many more arrests to come out of this. And we’re only just starting to map the networks that we’re looking at. The United States has already indicted 17 people on charges of criminal conspiracy and racketeering. Seven of them are Australians.

Five are living overseas in Turkey and Indonesia. The remaining two are in custody here and it’s expected they’ll be extradited to the states.

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