Who wins the NFC East

Washington Football Team, Giants, Cowboys, or Eagles: Who wins the NFC East? First Take debates

Who is your favorite to win the NFC East this season? It’s got to be the team with the best defense minus the Washington football team, and I know that goes against everything that’s going on this offseason. I love Dak Prescott. He deserved his money, as, quite frankly, he deserved more. So congratulations on your contract. That but Dallas may as well be called Alex because they have to have no deals in big deals. And if you’re not going to have a defense, if you’re not going to be a team that can slow down any of the opposition from an offensive standpoint, then I can’t pick you.

The New York Giants. I like what they’re doing. I love Patrick Graham. In his defense, Daniel Jones, the jury is still out. But from a weapons standpoint, you add Kenny Golladay, you get sick. Second Barkley back. I love what the offense can be, but I still need your quarterback to be a little better. The bottom line, Molly, and of course, the Eagles are the Eagles. We really don’t know what you’re going to get based on.

Jalen hurts. And there they really don’t think or they’re not showing us they want to win. And so when you add all that together, I think I know more about the Washington football team, the best defense in the division. You finally have a veteran quarterback in Fitz Magic who can pull the trigger. You have weapons, Terry McLaurin, to name one. From an offensive standpoint, the running back. I love Gibsons. So overall, from a physically tough standpoint with Ron Rivera, I just think the team that I know the most about is the Washington football team.

And I’m a defensive guy. And I think if you look at the Super Bowl, we saw that if you have an offensive line and you have a defense, it really doesn’t matter from a quarterback standpoint, just as Patrick Mahomes your defense, better be able to line up and play well.

Washington clearly has the best defense and Dallas clearly has the best offense. And the Eagles are in shambles right now. But the Giants are the pick. And I admit to a big blue bias. I’m not I’m not running from that. But the Giants are the pick because the Giants don’t have as good a defense as Washington, but they got a good defense better than the other two teams. And they don’t have as good an offense as Dallas, but they got a good offense.

It should be better than the other two teams. And they got a coach and they got the return of Saken Barkley, who, by the way, as a rookie, had two thousand yards total, total yards from scrimmage as a rookie, and he should be entering his prime. Now, that was behind the bad giants offensive line. Now, the Giants offensive line, still not anything to write home about, but now they’ve played together another season.

They have used draft capital on improving the line and free agent money on improving the line to where this season it should be better than at any point in recent memory, even if that only makes it low average. That’s a big improvement for them. Dareus Tony is a weapon I just mentioned say freaking Barkley, right? Look at the receivers. They bring in Golladay. Slaten is good and getting better. Never mind. Shepherd and Ingram as a tight end is a real weapon.

They have weapons on offense and improving offensive line. And look at the quarterback, Daniel Jones. He actually was really good on Deep Throat last year. He had a bum leg, right? So on one wheel, he’s not the same threat because he’s a real running threat. He should be healthy this year. Year three is when we should see behind a real offensive line and see Barton there. His improvement defensively. They’re already solid and should get better in a weak division.

I think they’re the best balanced team. I don’t believe in Fitzpatrick over the course of an entire season. I don’t believe in the Cowboys defense, but I believe in Big Blue. Go Big Blue.

Well, look, I’m gonna say this, I ended my relationship with the Dallas Cowboys about two years ago, but I’m not going to sit up here and be biased because I’m a Cardinals fan now. I’m a give props will probably do OK. The Cowboys has the best team in the NFC East, blah, blah. You know why? Because the offense is so potent that defense defensively that figure things out big. But look, offensively you have Dak Prescott, who is going to be the best quarterback in this division.

You have Ezekiel Elliott, who possibly could be the best running back. We know how good he could be. He’s going to come back on the mission. And let’s not talk about the receiving corps. Right. They’ll receive a call it. They have to run it, put up a lot of points, stretch to feel the deep threats to slant routes. I could go on, but I’m going with the Dallas Cowboys. I’m not about to dove in deep with you and Max because Max, I don’t even know how you can even stomach to say the word New York have you to turn your back on New York.

Does the state of New York so many times that you even pick the New York Yankees, Giants, Nets. What are you talking about? No Lakers. Well, well, right now, who’s left in the playoffs?

Kirk, I love what you say. I perk. You almost convinced me. But the fact of the matter is the Cowboys are one in three with that great offense before Dak Prescott got hurt. So that defense still has to show me something. And Max, you sound like a used car salesman trying to convince a buyer on your job. You look like you’re really trying to convince me that Daniel Jones is going to be great to drive off the lot.

And you know what? He will be better. It’s year three. The tires have broken in. The engine is ready to go. It’s all of a sudden going to be better. Max, don’t don’t do that. Max, seriously, you have to convince me. I just need to see it on the field.

Like, I think he’s better than Fitzpatrick right now. I believe he’s better in Fitzpatrick right now. He’s not he never going to be Dak Prescott, but he better and Fitzpatrick right now.

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