Kawhi Leonard might have suffered

Kawhi Leonard might have suffered a season-ending knee injury

The Los Angeles Clippers may be without their star forward Kawhi Leonard for the rest of the series and may be the season the Clippers announce that Leonard suffered a right knee sprain and there is no timetable for his return. From the video, you can see that is driving his right knee plants extends fully and then twists with a slight buckle. He immediately pulls up guarding the right knee. Although it is unconfirmed, this mechanism is highly suspicious for an internal ligament injury, specifically an ACL tear.

Now there can be partial ACL tears and sprains of this ligament, but the most important determination is physical examination paired with MRI. Leonard didn’t play in game five, but the recovery time for this type of injury can be nine to 12 months. If the act is torn and if it’s only sprained, it could be three to six weeks before he’s able to do what is needed to be dominant on the court. And when he does return to the court, I think he will have a solid performance if this is on the sprained side.

Unfortunately, of the knee injury is more serious like the video suggests, than Kawhi will miss the rest of his stellar season. If it’s just a sprain, then we could still see Kawhi in the postseason. Kawhi, I wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you back on the court real soon.

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